Paying your way into a corner

Now consider for several minutes that there is no longer a Supreme Being. What then would your life hold as a goal? You will not make it to Heaven because there is no heaven there is only us flying around on “Spaceship Earth” wondering what is going on.
So what do people do? They attempt to create their own slice of heaven through making money and to sustain it for as long as possible. And this approach works for some. Some live good healthy lives until some disease or drama comes and takes it all away again.
The question I am asking is, how do you make heaven on Earth? If you have near unlimited resources of say a multi-billionaire then where would you live and how would you spend your time?
First off you would need to find some super-friends to put in your bubble of rich mansion heaven with you. And then you would require resources to fund your super mansion. If you harnessed the power of the sun then you could easily afford to heat and cool your mansion yet how do you gain all the resources you wish from outside the mansion?
What lives outside the mansion? Poor people. People without shoes and bus fare, people who struggle to survive and live together. Billions of them so you must employ protection for your part of heaven on Earth. All systems are vulnerable but you can keep most of the “riff raff” outside your paradise and keep all the gentle folks inside.

The next great problem you face is what do you do once you become bored of chilling out with your super-friends? The answer seems simple, just jump in your foreign car and drive off and find some more and socialise. Yet those you will be socializing with may not like you. They may envy your source of wealth. They may have no shoes of their own and rip yours off your feet. They may steal your product. They may steal your renewable energy techniques and leave you with little of value you created yourself.
Your defense force cannot protect you everywhere you go, neither can they protect every patent. They cannot protect you from Golddiggers with no shoes and they cannot protect you from getting bored with your private slice of heaven.

The premise I’m leaning towards is that the richer you become, the more you try create your personal heaven and the attempts will fail. We are social creatures, not communist yet social. We require belonging, we do not appreciate being separated from our group and locked into a paradise who’s walls are made of blood and sweat and tears.
The world as we have it is growing to becoming Heaven on Earth. Although it may also grow into Hell on Earth. We are losing all our nature to gardens and national parks. Which is unfortunate however: inevitable.

And the question remains, how do we ever turn this planet into a planet of Heaven on Earth? There are so many social problems it’s hard to believe we could ever solve them all. Yet we can. We forget that we are all equal here, all of us are capable of learning many skills and putting them in to practice.

Take for example a builder building the shower rooms for a university dorm room. Now this man is being paid a certain amount of money and he can produce a certain type of shower stall for that money and that is exactly what he will do. Now what if that man were artistically inclined and he was funded a larger amount of money to make shower stalls which were all works of art for the students to enjoy during their stay in residence at the college?
The money is there to pay for the fancy shower stalls, however due to the current state of economics he actually creates works which is beneath him. He does a bad job. He gives the university students basic standard shower stalls and leaves them to wash in them and not think twice about it.

If we all worked to a higher standard than we do we would not use up many more resources than we already do. If we shared our intellectual ideas then we would not make crap and sell it to each other when we have the option of selling each other awesome. And that is the problem with those who make Heavens out of parts of Earth. They are trying to suck up all the resources they can so they hold advantage over people with no shoes however they will never come to learn the value of what the person with no shoes could have shared if they had have been raised with a splendid shower stall in their university, they severed them from their tribe and severed themselves also.

Intellectual property rights do not work. When someone has a good idea everybody copies it. The only way to make your product the leader of the market it so advertise and make it technologically superior, which is something very hard to do. The funding isn’t there. Though where is the funding? Where is the funding for the plumber making his fancy shower rooms? Where is the funding for all of our Heaven on Earth? Where is the funding to make what we make good instead of make it purposefully bad so that other products can outshine it?

It’s not there. Money is an arbitrary figure. It’s not real. Gold is yet there is not enough gold not in use to fill your bank safe. We have little and we can share it and the ideas which are hidden can become ideas which are shared, the mixture of which would be awesome and the quality of what we create can be our best and not our worst.

Eric William Dawson 18/07/2015


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