You know I’ve not noticed before but a cult overthrow of the world would be as easy as developing a supervirus then merely brainwashing your cult into believing the bones and empty lands they take control of were those of evil people. After vaccinating your cult as a blessing of course.
If you set the virus to rot bones then you get all free stuff with little mess. All you would need is a cult driven by hatred for other countries and a need for new land. If brainwashed from childhood in isolation such a mindset would be easy to achieve. The virus itself wouldn’t be hard to create. There are many flaws in our immune systems. The only thing to plot is really what to do with your cult afterwards. Also of course how to tunnel out survivors in military shelters.
If it were me I would use skin color and technology to get a few slaves then use a secondary virus to wipe the rest out.

‘Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.’ We are all colors of a rainbow and I am quite glad there are secret services gaining information from all sources. We need to learn to share some NOT all information so that all countries have the power to turn their country into a place they do not wish to leave and one with no envy of other nations. And until we have worked to spread intellectual and physical Heaven across the planet then we should keep a close eye on the greed of others.

-Eric William Dawson Saturday the 1st of August 2015


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