For a long time I have been one of society’s “shut-ins”. At home I feel more peace than in society or at a party, out shopping or any social engagement really. What people tell me is that I need to get out more, and they are right. I am a social creature by nature, I love to talk to people yet only in a safe environment. Also the longer you stay in the harder it is to go out into an insane society.

‘It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.’ -Jiddu Krishnamurti

Unless we are secretly at war with some other species then I really have difficulty comprehending the stark overwhelming insanity of those in leadership positions and those who vote for them. I HOPE there is some reason behind all the bullshit. Some purpose, just any sober reason.

If we are genuinely not at war with anything except bacteria, viruses and ourselves then it strains the imagination how much people are lying and seeking a heaven which is built out of blood and doesn’t exist past a fast car, a spouse who doesn’t love you and an indoor swimming pool.

Living in the U.K. I see the battery of the media’s effect upon the British people and how it grows them into a mass of people who either don’t care or spend their lives fighting for things beyond their control. All of them painting an expression on their face to hide the mess behind their eyes.

As a mental heath patient it’s not my insanity that scares me. It hasn’t scared me since I was around 21 and had experienced a full on delusional episode for 8 months. It’s the insanity I see in everyone else that freaks me out.
Why the hell are we all pissing around having financial digit battles with each other? Why does helping another country get the same level of technology we have become so complicated?

Instead of bombarding the people of each developed land with images of suffering children in absolute poverty, why don’t we just send over a load of skilled builders, a load of raw materials and a load of machinery and get them to build their own homes into their own loved homes? Just give them on-the-job training and leave them to it! It’s simple! We just donate money because we’re insane. Almost everybody is insane in my opinion.

If their own countries had all the tech and plumbing and housing of our countries then why would we need borders? We have to spend our lives being told to fear immigrants yet if their country had all it needed and our country had all it needed then what’s the big deal? Maybe we could emigrate over there if we wanted to. Almost everyone is racist and insane.

In the western world most of the work is done by robot. The robots currently are not sentient and quite functional as machines to build stuff and the human beings are left unemployed. Unemployed and ranting about immigration because they’re unemployed when they could be given a job in some some scheme in another part of the crust of the planet Earth. It’s nuts.

And we’re locked in to this system of insanity by other insane people. Ones who would rather pay someone to slit your throat than shake your hand. Not scumbags, just lost in their mind crazy drugged up nutcases.

Being raised in an insane society as we all are on planet Earth as the most skilled species on planet Earth means children grow up insane normally. It’s not right what they have to deal with. And if they grow to adulthood then naturally they would become insane adults. Which is what we have. A planet inhabited by 7 billion nutbars. If they were raised in a healthy global society we could probably expect there to be far more happy healthy adults than are present currently in the world.



In short, we don’t live in hell, it’s just everyone’s born into a crazy society that is surrounded by many other variations of a crazy society making the world appear hellish. It is actually heavenish. People just need to learn that they are completely insane because the society they were raised in was literally that much of a mindfuck. Heaven on Earth (at least to a level where we can drop borders) is literally 10 years of easy mechanical labor and on-the-job training away. Will it happen in my lifetime? I have no idea.



Eric W Dawson 16/September/2015


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