Ping Pong Universe

     The theory of the Big Bang is that our universe started from one point and exploded out. The simple matter then became more complex and formed into planets and everything we know today.  This can be seen in the trajectory of all the stars as they are all moving away from the center of the universe.
     Theorists expect there to come a Giant Crunch one day as the power of the Big Bang explosion runs out and the planets will all be pulled back into the center of the universe. It’s possible the universe does this all the time and existence repeats itself again and again. Though what if it doesn’t Giant Crunch into the same point it exploded from?
    If it’s possible that a Black Hole is actually a place where stars have collided in a way that  the gravity causing mass of both collided stars combines and makes even more gravity which then pulls everything else in to it that is nearby, further increasing the gravitational force as the mass which has a gravitational force combines together. Theoretically if a Black Hole keeps gaining gravitational pull on the stars around it, gaining more and more as each one is sucked in to it. Then eventually one of the Black Holes is going to gain a critical amount of gravitational pull that it becomes so powerful everything is sucked in to it very quickly. Then we would have a Giant Crunch.
     If everything in the universe were all condensed into one point then why would it ever explode out in to a Big Bang again? I have no idea. Perhaps gravity has two poles like a magnet and everything being in one point makes it flip the other way for a moment. Or perhaps if all that exists is stationary then time ceases to flow causing the same reaction. Maybe the circumstances and elements just naturally go nuclear.
     If this is how the universe behaves then it could mean things change, rather than going from Bang to Crunch and repeating itself. All of everything is starting with different variables because the Black Hole it collapses in to is in a different part of itself each time. The center of the universe is basically moving.
    That explains how things can develop and change in this dimension, the forever mix of changing variables would eventually Big Bang out a universe where intelligent life forms so that there can be such a thing as consciousness in existence at all. Yet how did this dimension start in the first place? Well the Weak Anthropic Principle is a theory that states that if there is great variety in all of everything that every shape and size of thing is somewhere, then we should not be surprised that at one point the variety at that point ended up making life and intelligent life and we should not be surprised to exist at that point.
     Which means that everything possible to exist does exist somewhere. That there are other dimensions where things are different but still work. With the provisor being that everything possible to the imagination doesn’t exist somewhere but that everything that is possible to be made exists such as round planets instead of square ones (unless someone builds a square planet one day somewhere).
     So the question is what other dimensions do exist and how do we stop a Black Hole passing the point of no return gravity wise to not suck the universe back down into one point and destroy all the progress this dimension’s universe has made after the last Big Bang?
     If movement generates the effect of time then I guess we should ask someone who’s brain moves faster than ours do.

Just some food for thought,

-Eric W Dawson 27th November 2015


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