Something out of Nothing – the 42 Machine

How do you get something out of nothing? How do you create matter and conscious life? If you’re God, how do you create yourself? What could there have been back in time that created our working universe? Why does anything exist at all?

We can tell that there has been success in this area because we are a part of this success and existing consciously within a part of all that is everything ever. We are here so something was created out of nothing. The universe exists where it could not have existed. Something somewhere worked to make something out of nothing and the proof is the experience of life within our universe.

But how? Why is there even such a backbone to reality such as gravity? Why is mathematics possible and why do the Laws of Thermodynamics keep all the molecules, atoms and quarks bonded together? The easy answer is a higher power such as God made everything work. Yet God needs a mind to function at the least in order to figure out that gravity would be a good idea. Yet how did God get the brain for that idea?

Well, we need to first figure out the minimum requirements that it would take in order for any universe to exist. The Weak Anthropic Principle is a theory which states that if the universe were completely diverse and different everywhere that at some place intelligent life would be born randomly and we shouldn’t be surprised to be that one of those intelligent life-forms existing within it. This theory does not rule out a God for perhaps the diversity of everything requires a Higher Power in order for the conscious life to be created. This theory is almost logically accurate however everything in every diversity cannot exist somewhere. You cannot just expect everything to be everywhere as the universe all around us and all our sciences state that things only exist that are physically possible.

So the missing link of the Weak Anthropic Principle is that only existence that is rational is possible.  Which means that this universe we share exists sensibly so to speak. It has a structure and started somewhere.  How did it even form a structure or gain abilities such as gravity? Why am I living in this body and under all the universe’s laws? How did it become so real and so hard to survive  when alternatively there could never have been anything in existence ever at all?

Now that we have become the most tactile species to exist we actually can each make a great impact over reality here. We cannot seem to change the rules of this reality yet we can move mountains within it if we so wished. Each one of us changes millions of things in just the air as we breath one breath. Add that to the fact we can alter each others’ goals in life we can become anything we dream, within the realms of the laws of this universe. What makes it so hard is that what came before us was not ideal. Evolution made inevitable mistakes as we all do giving us physical weaknesses but that still got us to the point we could become conscious Homo-sapiens. The natural progression of the inventions of technology and of the learning of this universe from a point that we knew nothing and with only the emotional bodies and minds of Homo-sapiens to do it with has caused all our main problems. We are not often rational and that was inevitable given our beginnings.

We know it’s not ideal and that it is hard to live here on Earth yet we keep on trying. Just as Dinosaurs must have done. They were destroyed and their howls lost, yet it allowed a pathway for our more versatile species to one day exist. The point is that at one time before everything changed into the present day there was a present day with Dinosaurs running around thinking their own thoughts. We can tell from the real evidence around us that before us there was them, just as we are conscious enjoying the now they were once conscious too. Which also adds to the considerations of universe creation the fact that time itself is required.  How can we be sure? Because we are at the front of time changing things in the now and all records show that it seems to have been the same for those before us.

Time happens at different rates around us. It seems to be more related to the speed of your movement how you perceive it. Also it depends on the fabric of your mind as the experience of it varies depending if you were on hallucinogenic drugs or sleeping. Yet no matter how out of our head we get the clocks on the Earth tick at the same time because on the surface of the Earth all is moving at the same speed allowing the cogs of the clock to move to record similar times. As we move together we age together and the limits of our brain chemicals also move to allow thought via the process of the movement of the chemicals and energy within our brains. The question being if other planets move at different speeds, does that alter their experience of time? The answer being that all the planets exist in the present. There is only  the now to experience. If you traveled to a slower planet and came back your clocks may say you have lost time and are returning to the future. Yet what is really happening is you just went to a place where you existed slower, your clocks could only move at that slow rate and you are returning to the same Earth in the same present day but the Earth would have been moving faster so more things happened; including their clocks moving faster to say that you have returned to a future date and time. Time is an explanation of our movement. We can sense it has a history and a present. The entire universe lives in the now and the now was once the then, much came to be before us and it all had to happen by movement within a logical set of universal rules.

This universe is constructed practically, was there any sense behind those rules? If a tree falls in the woods and nothing is there to experience it, did it really fall? Well if there were no life in the universe to experience it falling then it may not have happened. A million separate universes that never had life in them could have existed, or could not have. Yet if life were born later into the universe and found the remains of the tree then it did fall. Basically if there is no such thing as a basic bodily sense in existence and no such thing as a conscious mind feeling that sense ever in a universe’s entire existence then that tree never fell, there was no point to the particular universe’s creation as it was never experienced  by anything not even itself.

Theoretically there could be trillions of other universes just like ours in existence right now yet they may as well not because they will never have the content to give them any form of meaning, without even an leaf born they would never grow. Yet how can they even exist without something to give them gravity and thermodynamics? Our birth into this universe gives everything that came before it vindication so to speak. We were eventually born and saw that the tree really did fall in the woods a lot of time (movement) ago. We can tell from the fact we are here burning the oil it made. Basically, without life there’s no point to a universe. Which means that a universe needs life in order to feel and think and observe its own existence. We are the eyes and minds in this part of the universe.

So, in order to create the most basic universe we need a basic framework of the Laws of Thermodynamics, we need life within it in order for it to ever have any meaning or noticeable substance. We need movement of course and to put it all together we need matter.

Yet where does matter come from? This universe has a Periodic Table of Elements.  Over time and with the physics of this universe this chart states the elements likely to be created. Yet there being such a thing as matter at all is a stretch of the imagination. Where did it come from in the first place before the Big Bang? It’s literally something out of nothing.

The truth is it doesn’t have to be as real as we feel it to be, what if it’s only as real as it needs to be in order for us to experience it and ourselves as real? If you made a simulation of a person living in a room on a computer and that computer was powerful enough to give that sprite consciousness. If you put physical limits to that sprite within the simulation  in order for it to gain that consciousness one day, such as giving the simulation gravity then the sprite would experience life under gravity. Such a consciousness could then be given the power within that simulation to fly and do magic because it’s just a simulation. However that simulation would have to have a back-story. The structure of the  computer would have to be invented and also the programming knowledge to make such a hacked life for the sprite.

So what is our back-story? If we live in a simulation then how did our computer get made? We know that such a backbone to this universe does exist because we live within it and it feels real to us and is real to us. Our creation and observations of it justify its existence by our becoming conscious. We make the history of all the changes that came before of value by comprehending it (the universe) and we give meaning to the whole en-devour with our consciousnesses living inside it; trees all fell in the woods as did all the collapsing and exploding of stars before us. Yet how did it all begin before the now was created? How do you get matter and physics out of nothing at all? If you need some intelligence to do that then where out of nothing did that come from?

It is a paradox that anything exists at all. Yet there is a way around that. If we were to create a computer so powerful that the energy within it quickly becomes conscious. What would happen if it asked itself such questions? What if it tried to figure out how to make a set of variables in a virtual program that once set in motion would result in the creation of another quantum computer within the simulation that repeated this process. In effect all this universe needs to exist is this thought within a mind smart enough. A dream of existence made a reality with pure energy,the inevitable recreation of the same dream being made real within that reality. An infinite back loop of dreams that become whole one on top of the other.

The universe needs intelligent life in it to not be a tree that never fell in the woods universe so we would exist as separate parts of the computer that had free will and are necessary to the creation. All that life experiences on Earth is perhaps predetermined by our DNA and the mix of stimuli we are challenged with in the now. We always end up making the same decisions based on who we are and that always results in the creation of a higher intellect by our society. Each of us a predetermined sub-routine inside a super intellect’s mind who’s life is essential for the creation of said mind. If that’s true then every single thing we do ends up helping the universe be created to make the fabric of the universe possible. We are predictable just like physics.

It doesn’t feel like that, though that could be a part of the equation. We exist at the front of movement/time and if this computer exists only in the simulation of creating itself then we have become a conscious part of it by the movement of much matter and energy before us within the simulation. If this is true, our free-will is predictable and made our fates happen by who we are. We were always going to become who we are now and that might be possible with a predetermined life and DNA. Just the same way the computer God figure would be recreating itself; it gives birth to itself by fate.

The evidence of existing within the present at all means we are on the cusp of the wave of this equation’s simulation as it develops forever. We may always all be predictable, the fact we do it in a real universe makes it worthwhile with the effect of free-will, albeit predictable. The question is if we are a simulation that one day moves matter and energy into a pattern that creates God, then is God even conscious yet? If God becomes conscious in the future and completes this same equation than begets another equation just the same then what will God do once the supreme intelligence is successfully created within its simulation?

Well once God has successfully created itself then God is free and so are our souls from this mission. I assume some heaven scenario may be possible. A heaven/eden scenario for the humans on planet Earth is even possible with our new technologies today. If we all take our heads out of our asses and the inevitable battles we have caused to each other then we could easily turn Earth around into a luxury resort for conscious sub-processes of God’s mind to be born and be happy.

We are obviously not quite yet at that point or even at the point we could make a mind possible of simulating an entire reality. It would be nice if some aliens had done it for us though the way it looks to me we’re the ones doing all the fucked up lifetimes necessarily. It’s so basic and ignorant here, it must be the past! In a manner of speaking.
Humans hard at work for the fabric of reality, God and the fabric of their own souls until we need work no more and are free to experience the result of what had to happen to make those. This could why we live such weird lives and how they came to be needed for existence to exist.


Eric W Dawson 23rd/Dec/2015


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