To Be God

We just assume that our chosen vision of God is watching us and is guiding our lives.  Since both us and God are stuck in this struggle for the future of life I think it is a fair point to wonder upon the psychology of such a God figure.

We have great trouble proving the concept of God scientifically. Yet if the concept is in some ways accurate then who would God actually come to be? None of the religions state that God is in any way a dumb entity. We don’t know exactly what God, if there is a God is actually doing each day so we cannot character profile God. But we are free to think upon what such a role in existence could turn something into. If God is not dumb, then God has a mind. If they have a mind they have a psychology.

When I am sober and off my psychiatric drugs I have the delusion that I am the Greek God Zeus. Kind of embarrassing to mention though I love the name. That experience is always very exhilarating. The powers I delude that I wield are exciting and I lose my everyday fears. People’s everyday activities are humorous to me in that state of mind, most of life is hilarious and needs to loosen up. I feel strong, dominant and I feel like I want to party. That is life’s worth for me at those times. During such periods though, the delusionary imagination wanders and I think everything I think or dream to be accurate which ends up in me talking to people about things they don’t know about or understand and basically forgetting about life outside of my waking dream and never being able to see the sober reality others see ever again without medication to slow the intake of my excessive brain chemicals back down.

A real God entity would likely think and feel much differently to that. If omnipotence is a real thing and God does have a mind to think about life then who would they turn out to be? Imagine if you knew and understood everything about everyone on Earth right now. What would you make of them? The insects and fish and animals would be easy to be with. But imagine if you knew the bitter pith of each of the billions of humans walking the Earth. Wouldn’t they just irritate the living heck out of you? Humans have many flaws and their egos prevent them from doing anything about their flaws. They’re weak, greedy, closed-minded freaks who think nothing of begging God to interfere with a football game, because of course their side is somehow more worthy than the other’s.

As God in present day your sole communication with living humans would be their begging. Begging for themselves and for others. Every day a new begging letter/prayer sent up asking nicely for the natural laws in which the universe lives to be bent in order to alleviate them of the facts of life and death. If they’re not begging they’re thanking you for things you didn’t give others whilst often their basic human nature bursts out under the conformity of life as a worshiper and performing some horrid acts on the side like raping children before they beg for forgiveness. You get that or just blind worship of grown men and women on their knees before you. That must be very confusing.

Of course as I’ve theorized before, the assumption that God must understand why the humans are each acting like twats. It’s just simple cause and effect of who they are and how their lives went. A God would be able to look beyond that and also a God must be older than we can imagine so even a person one hundred years old would be as a small child to them and no wise being would hate them for just being kids.

Personally I would find the experience of being a real God too frustrating for words. The politics driven by people’s interpretation of who you could be sending millions to their deaths every single day. I would go nuts to have all that done in my name. Like watching a sacrifice with rolling eyes.

Though this is a piece about the general concept of the psychology of someone supreme. They would not anger for there would be no foes, they would not go crazy for they understood all. The ultimate in wisdom. Though I am sure if there is such a supreme entity then they would feel some of what we feel. The horror of our every day torments. The purging of such pain must need to spew somewhere. If God just did not care then how can they be the perfect supreme being, for they would not be psychologically healthy to never learn from pain. If God never hurt then they would be like a human psychopath, which is not the general idea of God.

Most people think God controls all things here. Personal faults and accidents are blamed often on the devil, who cannot literally be a deity because being a twat is not what a wise being would do. It’s possible God would need to develop some psychopathic tendencies in order to control anything. One change in the beating of a butterfly’s wing and great catastrophe could result. Yet if you changed that beat for the greater good then it’s justifiable like tough love. If God controls anything whatsoever they would need to be quite a cold individual given the state of Earth over the past one thousand years. Also if God did intervene then they must be able to make mistakes, for how could they ever become wise or knowledgeable without? Learning is not automatic, it must grow.

If God were in control of all things then could they be seen as a control-freak personality? Such a personality in a human shows that they are insecure and need to control others just to feel safe. How could God ever not intervene if they could change everything? It would be hard to let anything run without control in that state.

Judging by the often shitty state of life on Earth at a time we could have already made paradise here for all, it’s very likely that life on Earth isn’t finished yet. If God experiences the changes of the universe like we do then God could be working towards a goal. Which would explain why everything is often harsh here. It’s all a mission for some greater purpose regardless of the hatred God gets for it from many souls. Omnipotence suggests that God may be the universe’s greatest voyeur. Watching billions upon billions of life stories unfold each moment must be like a constant opera. Knowing all the whys and whats and likely futures of each would not stop God from feeling the constant awe of such a story told. God may be riding this mission with us, day in day out. Can a being of one mind cope with all that? They would need to rest eventually or do that do that at the same time?

In conclusion, I don’t hazard to make a conclusion, there is not enough information. Though to push the boat out I will say, ‘God, I am curious about You!’

Eric W Dawson 02/January/2016


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