Common Sense, Not so Common

Not everybody is perfect, not everybody is correct about everything they do or think. Some people like to think they are or pretend they are. Are you Mr or Mrs perfect?

The secret is nobody really knows what’s happening here on planet Earth. Not our leaders or their followers. No aliens to come down and tell us what to do. If there are any aliens then they may have the same problem. We don’t know where to go or what to do or why. It would be nice if God would shout it down from the sky to each of us but that doesn’t seem to be how God does things. We don’t even know what God wants really and have trouble proving they exist at all.

Since nobody really knows what to do, the people who lead us have just ended up doing what is best for themselves. Which is the same thing most of us do. Though if our leaders don’t know everything then they’re going to end up making mistakes which affect all of us. Not everyone likes to be a leader, they don’t like that kind of pressure knowing they could ruin millions of lives with each choice. That’s why the elite leaders of the world make sure that no matter how badly they mess up they always are left wealthy enough to still be taken care of. The bad choices don’t really affect their personal lives. They probably don’t care about other people which allows them to cope with their failures. Their main job is to teach their people that they’re the right person for the leadership job. They teach us that from a very early age with the media and the education system. All it takes is for the majority to accept their leadership. If someone has different ideas as to how to run the country then as we have long been taught to we label them as enemies and arrest them for treason. The chain of command structure of the army means the arrests always take place. Soldiers are trained to follow direct orders no matter how savage. They do things they don’t like because a good soldier admits they don’t know how to rule the world and don’t want to make the big decisions so they follow people who say they do and hope they are on the winning side when the smoke clears. With strong enough training someone will run to their certain death if given the order to.

That’s how the world is ruled and has been ruled for a long time. It has probably been the same since tribal times, it’s natural for us. Sometimes the mistakes of these elite leaders are so big that everyone feels the bad effects and the elite are overthrown in a revolution like when Russia became communist or the French revolution. When the elite of Russia and France made so many mistakes that nobody had any food to eat the lessons they grew up with of worshiping their kings and queens no longer made sense and people stopped following them. It took country wide starvation for people to realize their leaders weren’t chosen by God as divine rulers and that they needed to do something about it and rebel.

We are taught not to rebel or question authority. Those who try it are labelled as evil criminals and punished. The elites don’t like others taking their jobs and will do whatever it takes to kill and make public enemies of anyone who tries. That is their main goal in life, to manipulate the majority of people to support them and not allow anyone to successfully oppose them no matter how stupid their political decisions are.

It’s the same process in democratic countries. Instead of a king or queen being the figurehead of the elite the prime minister or president are. Individual votes don’t really change the decisions the rulers make. The politicians say they’re going to bring good changes before they’re elected. After they’re elected they don’t follow through with their promises because they were lies. If the figurehead themselves decide to go native and use their position to try save their population they’re assassinated.

The fact is most of us are raised to obey and not challenge the status-quo. We are helpless against the figurehead of the country and the well trained armies at their disposal. Which might be for the best since we don’t know everything. Nobody understand everything in life and a leader that doesn’t squeeze us so hard the majority starve to death is better than no leader at all. No strong leaders at all ends up in your country being invaded and its riches stolen.

This manipulation is shown by the education children receive all over the world. Kids are forced into school to be indoctrinated. Those that rebel from the purposefully annoying, ridiculous lessons end up failing their classes and becoming the future criminals or minimal wage workers. In this way we’re taught that rebellion gets us failure in life. Those who obey and work hard to produce essays with zero freedom of thought in them pass the test and so the naturally obedient end up getting good jobs. Real facts and skills are also taught during this mind game though the real skills are not taught until the pupils go to university to keep the obedient as the respected and successful members of society.

It’s an ugly truth. A much nicer truth is that nobody knows everything and whatever we choose to think and believe the fact remains we are either correct about it or wrong. With two opposing religions for example, both have devout followers yet they both cannot be accurate. One must be a false religion or both of them must be. Life here isn’t so magical that we can perform magic without a lot of technology. We can’t do miracles without a means for them to work within the laws this universe operates on. Two plus two gets you four no matter how hard you wish the place in space and time that we live in does make mechanical sense, basically truth exists we just don’t know what it is.

To know that you know nothing is the first step on the path to enlightenment. The phrase means that in order to learn important new things you must first check your ego at the door and admit you could be wrong about a lot of things, possibly everything. This isn’t the way most people think. People do not like to question themselves. However if you do try and admit you could be wrong about everything and allow your ego to be so hurt and pushed down then you open up your mind to new ways of thinking and new ideas. It’s a scary way to think. To try it means you question everything, even the fabric of reality itself. You question who you are even. It’s a lot easier to let the lessons of others and your ego prevent such freakish mind-bending thoughts in. It’s safer just to live the lie rather than feel the true horror of our species’ history. It’s a lot safer for innocent souls to go with what works. What works is closing your eyes, ears and mouth to such thinking and just go out to work to do what you’re told to do. Living the lie that the truth you know is the truth of the universe and let your ego rebound any rational thought that may have reached inside your mind and hurt your precious feelings.

What’s the point of a life of inaccurate nonsense though? The creative of us invent new technologies and we progress in science, yet what good does it do? Make a machine to take away the burden of hard labor and instead of helping people you just drive more minimum wage workers onto the streets as the machine takes their job. The advances in science make such wonders as modern medicine and that ends up as a money making scheme. Doctors who wanted to heal people instead are educated by life to reap money out of their patient’s suffering. It’s moronic really that our advances are used for corruption of the species. They’re used to dominate other humans.

The truth of life for humans on Earth is hard to stomach, just like admitting you’re wrong about something is hard to stomach. The really freaky thing is to admit that everyone could be wrong about everything. Nobody knows any better, not even our rulers. Yet there is still truth. Like two plus two equals four our global ways of thought are either wrong or accurate. If you think past the corruption of the mind games of age old rulers then you can see that this state of affairs is only natural. What I mean is things were always going to end up this way. At least nowadays most of our slaves are given a token minimum wage to spend on whatever they like. Things are better than they were, what we have not achieved as a species yet is common sense. By that I mean a realistic way of thinking and living. It’s rarely been possible for anyone to speak out with common sense without being stoned to death or ridiculed. Also basic facts about life have been extremely hard to discover and were not available to everyone before the internet. If you don’t have a PC and a line to the net then all you know is what the television teaches you. If you don’t have a television or a proper library then what you believe could literally be anything. We’re never born with common sense, we need to admit we just don’t know a lot of things and it’s OK to admit such weakness. The mistakes people make in life are inevitable given our upbringings. Like Jesus said, ‘Forgive them lord for they know not what they do.’

If there is such a God figure looking down then they likely didn’t need Jesus to tell them to what to do. How could any omnipotent great wise being give wrath to a corrupt person when they are such a baby to the God. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s those who choose to be nasty to others when they understand life that are to blame. Though it appears to me that there is truth here and to understand it better you become wise. A wise being doesn’t perform nasty acts as they are too strong in their minds. A wise man doesn’t fight another wise man for they both have the same ideals and realize we are all comrades in the same struggle to exist. It’s wiser to help each other than to hurt each other.

Yet becoming a wise being of common sense is incredibly difficult. Just admitting that you may be wrong about everything and everyone else may be too is just the start. We’re very powerful creatures all of us. We are our own worst enemies. To think therefore you are is one thing. A more important thing to learn is to ‘know thyself’. Who are we really? Why are we the way we are? What do we really want in our lives? If you want common sense you need to admit your failings and know your strengths. People do change if they want to. Brains can be altered with realistic willpower alone. Bigotries and fears can be overcome, we can learn that we may never be perfect though we can always grow and change. As long as your regrets are not so deep you can never admit them to yourself then a sinner can learn to grow to be a saint.

To adapt our minds to think rationally with common sense is not an age old lesson, it is a new one on the scene. We just didn’t have the chance to before for everyone was so ignorant. Common sense is never taught in schools. The schools should be preparing the children for life in their country by learning the dangers of their country such as gambling, debt, the need to be capable to defend themselves physically, the ways in which they could become mentally ill, the fact that everyone on Earth only fought each other in history because that’s all they understood. A very basic common sense education about their future that will help them in life. Not a curriculum of boring mind games with some useful information thrown in every so often. They need to be taught such basic things as we are all equal, just differently skilled and there’s nothing wrong with that. We’re a team. They need to be taught that their life could likely totally suck and that they must become strong enough to handle that.

They need to be taught that humans have been stuck in a bad condition ‘The Human Condition’ for a very long time. It’s just natural for us and the only way out is for the majority not to follow their life’s trail blindly but to be the common sense thinkers we need for genuine positive change instead of brutal technological and financial changes that have good P.R. spin. It’s only when people can think for themselves with the common sense of clarity that the truths spoken in the world will dominate the lies and set us free from the chains we bind each other with. When people start to think rationally en mass then everyone will be able to bring about paradise on Earth where our dreams can really come true. We can be free to enjoy our lives. Currently we are not and we lose more rights and freedoms each day.

Eric W Dawson 10th January 2016


4 responses to “Common Sense, Not so Common

  1. Interesting post, however you make a common, hypocritical mistake: you assume that -you- know the truth about things. It’s a great strategy, destroying others’ justifications, claims, beliefs with “no one can really know”, but then you also destroyed your own position, even the “knowledge” that led you to the conclusion that no one really knows. By making this claim, you’re now in the same position where you put everyone else: you know nothing, and are certainly not “enlightened” in any shape or form. Any wisdom you teach or share after making this move is then just early attempts to become the next “strong leader” that tries to indoctrinate everyone else.

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