A Better Solution Than Eugenics

A lot of people, too many people is the problem. Too many people who think they’re more worthy to survive than you because they were successful in life in the current climate of 2016 think you should be sterilized so that their offspring are the ones who should live in the future whilst unfortunate you should have no children. They think they are smarter and fitter than you whilst still having the notion that your genetic heritage should be eradicated from the planet.

I must inform you that despite a population overload in many popular places that this is not the smartest or fittest solution for Humanity as a species. In fact it is unwise and weak. So what if these unwise pricks have a big ego and can complete a University degree in some irritatingly pointless subject? If there were no vaccines in their systems from modern medicine they would probably be dead right now from polio and other such diseases rather than jogging down a racetrack.

What their big egos from financial success in life from having rich parents cannot figure out is that they don’t understand life or what eugenics would do to our future here on planet Earth. Let me just point out that the genes of humanity are like a rainbow of people. Eradicate a color from the rainbow and what do you get? Something not as good to look at, something incomplete. Just because they’re clever and healthy now does not make them the leaders of our species. The leaders of our species are for all we know supposed to be psychopathic. Everyone should be allowed to have children even psychopaths. Why? Because it’s humane, it’s wise, it’s a life worth living.

Not only that obvious fact but what if these idiots are all that’s left after some grand scheme of eugenics? Without all of us here we will be thrown into a cultural dark age where the cookie cutter “fittest” offspring can’t come up with real television shows and all is made into boring by the book television about rich people. For generations these offspring of 2016’s mentally unhealthy/unwise people will lust after the rich culture we are exploding into as a species with the full count of the rainbow of our genetics. There would be no more good music being released that’s for sure. No heart left in us.

Also most of these idiots don’t realize that most of our survival strength lies in the myriad of recessive genes that they wish to eradicate. If all are made out of the same cookie cutter then what if a virus they were not expecting arose and none of them were immune. What if in the future there was a great disaster which required much manual hard labor to remedy? A drought or an ice age or an AI destroying the internet, a meteorite we couldn’t shoot down even. A man may not be skilled in writing operas and computer programming but may be excellent at caring for other people or carpentry for example. Whereas a smart “fittest” person would probably be crap at holding down a job on a boring production line. We need all of us.

People see their own social problems and want to kill the cause of it because they cannot think properly. They just want to eradicate stupid people and people with illnesses that there has not been found a cure to yet. Steve Jobs had a vulnerability to cancer in his genes so there’d never have been an Apple company. Is that progress? Smash your touchscreens against your head if you think it is. Just imagine a society ruled by other people saying you were unworthy of having a baby. That’s some twisted sick miserable nightmare of a future. One with no soul. Nazi bullshit literally.

For those of us who are not psychotic Nazis maybe there is a wiser solution. What if it were unprotected sex that was the problem, not education or culture? Sexually active men need to cum at least once a day, with unprotected sex that’s a lot of drive and a lot of seamen needing be served, their lust the biological imperative. If these geniuses think they’re smart enough to choose who should be alive in the future then I hope that they’re smart enough to make a man made disease. Infect all males with one half of it, all females with another. If the sexual fluids of both meet in intercourse without a rape being reported then it the disease combines to infect both of them with a pungent smell of fish that lasts until treated in a clinic. If a woman wants a baby and she has had none or one so far then she can be cured for her half of the disease and reinfected when the baby is born. Those cured women should be tested for pregnancy regularly with abortion past a certain age of fetus being made illegal. If someone wishes not to be infected with the fish smell virus then they must be surgically made infertile.

Throw the rest of the manpower of modern day Humanity into making better condoms and other forms of non contact sex such as sex robots, sex toys and cybersex. This way we would not have to give our souls just for an uncrowded city here and there.

Eric.W.Dawson 01/Feb/2016


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