Money and Machine

A while ago in England there used to be the ‘Poorhouses’, places where you would go if you couldn’t support yourself. There the poor would do menial hard labor in return for food. They were stuck there as there was nowhere else to go and no living to be made. Slaves to survival.

In modern day, the poor have no work to do and are left to beg donations.  The available work is drying up. Politicians direct our hatred for this towards immigrants. Immigrants, who are people too, are welcome into a society if they work high end jobs like being a doctor. It’s the competition for low skilled jobs that people don’t like. It’s a touchy subject when you are the one needing a low skilled job because you don’t have much money to live on as that is the only work you can get.

People say you need a job to be normal, to fit in. That’s a throwback to recent years, before technology became advanced enough to do the work of many. Back then there was a lot to be done. Ice, for example had to be delivered every day to keep the fridges cool. Just one of many jobs our advancement has taken away the need for. With the introduction of coding and computing we create the need for more work to be done making those. Once created they by their nature do not require a lot of work to run and are used to share information and digitized creations with effortless copying and recreations. Our creations create less work not more. That was the idea for them in the first place.

So what is the grandson of the man who delivered ice going to do for a job? How is he going to “fit in”. In Africa a village gold miner, a part of a team of people working in mud to find gold would likely refuse a gift of a trommel to do all the work for them because the people in the chain of workers wouldn’t have a job any more. So no friends and less happy people.

If the only way for the people around you to survive and love you is to refuse the use of technology then maybe we should break a few machines and have full employment. If everyone wants to be useful and fit in with their jobs and careers there needs to be something for everyone to do.

Those in work regard the poor as “other people”. They paint grins on their faces and try to keep their jobs. Each job is hotly contested. To fit in and be normal is getting rarer. Our advancement as a species has left the most useful thing for some people to do as being able to defend your stuff with a knife in a back alley.

And technology is progressing. Soon there will be very few who fit in and are normal. They’ll have to live amongst the homeless who are all over in sleeping bags under the porch of their second home. People think I’m nuts when I say everybody does not have the plot, society is unhealthy and insane. But how do you justify taking the use of someone away with a machine that somebody else made then telling those people they’re “other people” now?

The world is heading for mass unemployment where the use of technology is denied to those without work so they have to suffer hoping for donations. Yet in the future most of the rich will be unemployable also. So there’ll just be a mass of poor and a few rich all pumping the last few lucky enough to be useful and have work for everything they’ve got because they don’t want to lose their job and chance to get on the rich unemployed side. So all the work will be done by a pressured few and the rest will either be suffering and bored or in luxury and bored. What are we going to do with our time?

Well the mass of poor wont be able to afford to go enjoy many modern delights so bars, clubs and most recreation places will only be full of the rich layabouts, which makes even less work as there wont be a need for so many recreation facilities. That’s bad for the economy because the mass of poor wont be able to buy any new advances in technology the rich will become poorer as they can only sell to each other. That’s the crash that’s happening. Money doesn’t work when technology is involved. And that technology is spreading everywhere. Immigrants didn’t take your job, they just wanted to be somewhere more civilized. The politicians are merely distracting everybody from the problem of money mixed with technology.

It’s making us gradually worse off and the problem will escalate until we all have to be evicted from our homes and sleep in sleeping bags in front of them. A cosmic joke that’s already well in the workings today. A stubborn species that is slow on the uptake. We have two choices: A, to choose to continue headfirst into this path where all the work you put into your child’s education was to leave them unemployed and likely not able to use basic recreation facilities in their dim future. Or B, to start to understand that we are losing our usage as humans for labor and to learn to live without that labor. Perhaps even sharing our recreation and getting to know each other.

The obvious way to fix it would be to give the unemployed an amount of money that made them financially supportive of the society. Which would be similar to Communism, although you could have the freedom to choose what you spent your state money on and the rich could vie for business supremacy. Doing it this way would create lots of jobs and comfort for all with lower crime rates. Most people would feel useless though they will find creativity somewhere, new things will be created and they wont be suffering and starving in the cold.

It’s that or stress each other out all day long as the world goes to shit because we had a good idea and created it and it was good and useful but stigma made us all keep the good stuff away from each other until there was only a few left enjoying it and nobody liked them.

Unemployment, coming to you soon, after that you wont have a say.

Eric Dawson 24th/March/2016


2 responses to “Money and Machine

  1. hi long time i dont see you i did a system reinstall and lost your site, found it in a small backup , plus i couldnt find you on trem irc. Anyway hope you ok, i didnt had time to read previous article il try later in this weeks. wht you said is right in this article, gradually society is heading in a huge crysis, your vision is too calm form me i think disorded are in sight, boredom and lack of pourpose make people angry and autodestructive. For the rest i share your view, i had idea long time ago to half the labor so 2 people can work but that need to not half the pay ,a reducition sure but enough to make a living. That will level the wealth in society also ,poor will have more (with a job) ,rich less (reducing worh hour). Of course this need to be followed by education that shuold teach kid to not be so obsessed by job carreer.

    Nice to know you still writing i hope i could see more in the future

    • Hey Mr Toaster, great to hear from you :). I hope there is no crisis as it is completely preventable by governments if they were to make sure everyone was OK and those that our technological success has driven out of the workforce are not made to starve. But you’re right if we continue to make each other desperate for the means of survival it will get very nasty.

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