Heaven and Hell

Your mind is a witness. It not only takes in all the data it can but it stores it and grows to learn to understand it. Being wise for me is a matter of actually getting near to accomplishing that understanding. To be not a pinball that gets bounced around one cause and effect but a fully conscious pinball that feels every flip and bounce and knows why it happened. I guess a truly wise being would be one capable of stopping and moving in the right direction. Though if the forces that surround it are all forcing it in the wrong direction the pinball will know why.

I have worked a great deal on learning to understand what I witness. It’s worth it to understand though it is not fun to. We are born ignorant and then surrounded with an information wall of utter bullshit in our formative years which takes years to think and feel your way out of until you can simply witness life again with clarity.

There is so much to see. If you take into account everything happening right now there is such awe and wonder, vast movement of matter and energy. Lives being lived to all extremes. Stars erupting overhead as the air hums with the thickness of chemicals, signals, life and light. The earth grows and reforms as all the souls attracted to it struggle with one another to survive. Bursting forth with the wonders of technology at a relative speed of growth faster than anything imagined in the big picture. With so many lives with such a back story to the cause and effect that the mere energy and matter on Earth is starting to learn some focus so that when something is envisioned the knowledge of trial and error we share makes what we dream of possible.

To be a part of that life is a hard struggle. Life is inherently unfair, if cause and effect doesn’t go the way you want it to then you’re fucked. Though if everything doesn’t go your way it doesn’t mean you had bad luck. It just meant you witnessed your suffering. We could possibly be the smartest creatures in the universe as humans, we have no evidence that we are not so far. Maybe we’re the cutting edge. What this universe is missing is good and bad, they haven’t been decided upon yet and are not an intrinsic value of the fabric of reality.

What I mean is that what could be considered good for one creature is usually what is considered bad for those around them. As a species we don’t seem to know the difference yet. Is it good that a springbok has a calf and breaths the fresh air, eating the succulent grass? Is it good that the lioness has cubs that survive to roar the great breath of lions across a bored tundra? Or should the springbok be eaten alive trying to protect its young by lions who will age fast and  die, feeding the bacteria? That’s what has come before humanity evolved. All that was good and bad was made by cause and effect  as an ecosystem. That’s where we live currently and how we live currently. Here, what happens happens. The lions keep the springboks in check so the plants can regrow which in turn keeps the springboks alive, evolution, cause and effect, what happens happens. Life sucks then you die.

It’s the lore we live by. Say humanity created a cure for Polio, is that a good or bad thing? There is no good and bad yet. Was is good for us? There’s no good and bad. The polio lifeforms were wiped out, so bad for the polio. There was less suffering from illness and more humans surviving childhood. Is that good because of there being more humans alive? Are humans good? Will some government one day re-release the polio they keep in their vaults to kill off all the humans in another country? Will the pollution made by all the extra humans destroy everything? Will all the extra supporting millions and millions of lifeforms enjoy their lives growing up in a farm to be slaughtered as food? Will the newly surviving humans enjoy their lives with all the extra competition around? Will a government leader survive their childhood to wreak havoc on everything else?

That’s the issue, there is no good and bad. What happens happens. Humanity requires a direction. For that we require there to be a good and a bad, so that we can decide which way to go. Currently we live without and live like animals. What is good for one of us is bad for those around us. If we create new technology it’s good for some people whilst totally shafting the rest. Make a machine to take the workload of many and it’s great for society to know how to create such things and reap the rewards of what it makes and even better for who it makes rich. Yet not everybody is allowed to have what it makes because they cannot afford the easily made item because the machine took their jobs.

We treat each other with the respect we give a savage animal, we are savage animals with only a dumb idea of making better weapons so that at least the progress of western society can survive. It’s the smartest idea we’ve got, to keep making new things. Yet soonish we will create the ultimate thing. The nanofactory which like a replicator in Star Trek will simply create whatever we want out of base elements we feed into it.

Technology is a double-edged sword. The technology of a machete can be used to either feed or kill your family. What would a savage animal do when given a nanofactory? What does a savage animal do when given the power of a God? Western society cannot progress after that. At that time even the dumb idea of progressing forward will be lost. The only progress would be different schematics of ideas to feed into the machine; all of which would have the capability to destroy all life here.

So what really is good and what really is bad? A good dream is good a nightmare is bad. Heaven is good, hell is bad. We live in hell currently. All life is not safe nor secure World War III could be just around the corner and just some simple technology could eradicate all life on Earth and perhaps all progress, all the cause and effect learned by DNA and by thought could be lost in a heartbeat. All the future could simply be a continuation of our macabre struggle to survive by eating each other alive. A dark future which would be a natural progression of our dark past. That is what happens when you give savage animals a nanofactory.

Everyone is all for it. That is what the masses are used to and it’s what they work for and strive for at all times. It is why the light of love is shunned in favor of progression and carnal gains. People are so literally stupid that they would prefer to feed hell on Earth than to stop and feed Heaven on Earth. Wisdom is looked down upon in favor of easy success. Within my lifetime all could be lost because of this.

If the power of the nanofactory reflects who we are so far as the pinnacle of progressive life here, then I imagine it will be used by a few to live forever whilst the rest suffer forever. Nothing could overcome them, why should they give the power to the rest of us? Or even the benefits of the power? They could live forever whilst the rest of us would be a mere inconvenience, having too many babies and spoiling their eternal days.

Humanity with the power of Gods would be a big mess as we follow our roots and return to kings, queens and rulers and after them, everybody else stuck in their games. What would be a better dream than that nightmare? The only thing that could turn our Eden from Hell into Heaven is the concept of Harmony. All life could be in harmony here and we could rest peacefully in the bosom of our powerful machine in a paradise where all the hardest jobs had already been done. All the lives of living hell had already been lived and all that there was left to do was live and be happy in our good dream. For forever if we so wished.

‘What is good for the goose is good for the gander.’ At my first school I was taught the idea of hell is a long table filled with delicious food yet the chopsticks to eat it with were far too long so nobody could eat the delicious food. The idea of heaven was everybody was full of food because they used the chopsticks to feed each other. The insects and plants teach us that there can be such a thing as harmony, ecosystems without living hell nightmares bred inside.
We have paradise at our doorstep and are soon to have the power to stay forever inside and never walk through that door, because we love war, we love to rule others. We hate to pursue peace, good dreams and harmony because therein lies stagnation. We would rather feed other countries scraps from our table than to give them the technology and knowledge to live as  comfortably as some of us currently do. Because why should they have it when we worked for it? Why should they be allowed to become as powerful as we are when some of us could keep reaping the rewards generation after generation?

Being a peace loving vegan hippy is deemed weak. And it is weak, not in concept but in defenses and practicality. So keep the imaginary borders up forever. Forever this side of the fence will be for these people and that side of the fence will be for those people as if they were completely different entities.

Though the way I see it, most people don’t want to be dealing with nightmares. Most people don’t want to progress because what they have is sufficient. Arabic places barely changed for thousands of years because they were OK with the state they were in. The whole world could have ended up like that if it weren’t for the drive of Christian places to keep on and on and on and pain share with each other in the brutal cold.

Yet when is enough enough? When have we had enough children for the planet? When will this shoal of souls be comfortable to stop swimming against each other and start living a good dream that lasts near forever? Simply put: Heaven, our good dream is any time that all people have learned to share.

Eric William Dawson 1st May 2016


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