World Oil Crisis = Solved

So I watched a TV show called Mythbusters, 2016 season episode 7. Where they attempted to power a rocket with gummy bears (jelly babies in the UK), basically sweets/candy. They also tried dried dog poop. At first the rockets didn’t fire until they sent them to a factory to be made into a hard stick of a rocket motor which was basically a mix of the candy and necessary accelerants, the same with the one using dog poop as fuel. 

Surprisingly both the rockets fired well and though they didn’t reach the same height as the standard rocket fuel tests, they fared very well!

So how to fuel a car on such a resource? Well my father had the most elegant solution, make an electric car with batteries and have under the hood a generator that could be fueled with pellets of the candy+accelerant mix or dog poop+accelerant mix or a mix of something similar.

The batteries could start the car and also fire and extinguish the generator as and when more power was needed for the batteries. With the added breakthroughs in using braking forces to add extra power as in the Prius vehicle this would be a viable and renewable way to power all the vehicles of tomorrow : ) <3.


Eric.W.Dawson 8th/May/2016


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