Of Those We Do Not Care

As noted too many times in my writings, our current society is insane. We grow up in an unhealthy atmosphere and naturally become twisted by it. It’s not like that by design so much as just being the way things went.
A good example of this is the modern prison and policing system. The idea is to catch the bad people who have committed grievous malicious acts and lock them away as punishment so they don’t have the freedom to do whatever they want without a line being drawn. The issue being people are fighting fire with fire when the fire could have been snuffed a long time ago.
The procedures of our laws are very basic and are not built on sound logical and wise practices. So prisons just end up being a very weird alternate way of living for those caught in them. One that is so much of a mindfuck they put down their mental roots there as they live out their time. You stay anywhere long enough it will become home. Then being sent out again afterwards all of a sudden you’re alone, you have nobody cooking for you, it’s safer but would freak anyone out to come from prison life to a modern society that is so complex. The time spent with so many villainous friends just cements, I assume, the need to go back to where things made sense and to commit crimes until being put back there.

That’s how it is. How it should be is that the police officers catch the criminal before the crime is committed and instead of lock them up with a bunch of other people with like minds and life experiences, instead they should give them a reason not to be a villainous scumbag.
How do you do that though? It’s quite simple, ask the criminals in prisons what went wrong in their lives that lead them to harden and commit inhumane acts and then take all that information and use it to target people in the same situations and giving them what can be decided by the convicted criminal and the psychologists as a way to prevent a downfall in their lives where they end up in prison.
It’s basically about coming to a point where we say other people are people too. I have written before about how all life is prison in a manner of speaking. Any place where you are forced to be and that is not a good place to be is a prison. The crimes people commit every day over and over all across the world makes the entire surface of Earth more and more of a prison to all of us. We’re sorted into our borders and inside our borders we’re scared into not walking in certain places and doing certain things. It violates our freedom and turns our lives into more elaborate jail cells just to have so much crime in society to have to avoid.
To be safe from attack from everyone around the planet would be quite liberating. Zero tolerance policing does help lower crime in some areas however it mostly fills up jail cells to perpetuate the problem in the future and to fuck the minds of the people in the cells. The main problem being the woodbe criminal hopes they’ll get away with their crimes so they do them anyway. However committing acts against their base humanity often fueled by drugs really damages a person in a bad way so that they may not feel free to be a good person ever again. They cannot forgive themselves.
We will never have true freedom until all streets are safe and are free to walk un-harrased and unmolested. Only then will the world be our oyster. Take for example a gated community who put a locked fence around their neighborhood in order to keep the criminals out and give their kids the safety to play without bad influences. They’re just in a fancy cell they made themselves out of necessity and they try to be as free as they can and make their home-made prison not a prison by making it a good place to be.
Albeit a larger cell than just locking their doors and windows they’re still in a prison and not free. A state of imprisonment we all share to some degree. The problem isn’t caused by the justice system but the behavior of punishing people by just moving them into a smaller cell isn’t helping the situation at all.
To get revenge for crimes in this way is a very basic emotional thought process. For all the areas you fear to walk because of the reality you’ll get totally traumatized in some way; well those places kids grow up in and adapt and learn to live in. Those kids normally don’t grow up with all the things they want or need and their prospects are at best working a nasty brutal minimum wage job. Other people grow up being nurtured and spoilt and try not to care about those other kids. That lack of basic humanity we have for the suffering of others within our own countries rebounds on us in having to fear and avoid being traumatized by crime. The fast for-profit way we have lived our lives for some time inevitably causes problems which are avoidable.
When you think of society as a heap of people with some at the top then some are always going to be at the bottom. If the truth of it were society was a mass of equal people all in perpetual competition then obviously there will be losers to that competition, many have even lost just because of where they were born, that’s just how warped our society is. It’s literally an unpolicable society. Zero tolerance policing would only truly work if anyone who committed a crime was immediately executed or had zero chance of getting away with the crime, yet even then that’s just a way of imprisoning the losers of competition into suffering their shitty life without being able to ever lash out. At the same time if the laws are not as perfect as they can possibly be (something that’s quite important to get right 24/7 365) then the police officers just end up imprisoning everyone from living free lives whilst they want to do the opposite.

It will just get worse and worse in one way or another. For our leaders their rich man’s prison is not worth leaving I guess or one or two of them might actually think about things for more than a few minutes whilst the prison bars strengthen throughout all society day by day.

Eric W Dawson 25/May/2016


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