Globalization Crowd Funding

As noted several times in my writings I’m pretty sure that if we just decided to save the world then we could. Though we don’t want to because, ‘someone’s got to pay for it all’. Which is fair enough as any such grand project needs the support of the species to make it work and their labor for which they like tokens of money in return so they can pay their rent and bills.

So instead we all sit here like wankers when we could be sharing technological ideas and helping each other all come to the same standard of living across the world. If we continue our current course of building stronger borders between us and poor people who live in shitholes then it will breed ill-will and an unhappy global population of human idiots who are all fighting to live in the countries with nice plumbing and fast wifi.

So how to pay for it all? What if me or someone made a site for globalization crowd-funding, with the aim being to help anyone in a non war-torn country help themselves to make it a country that is great to live in. Maybe one day we will want to move there too. You could have a site like Kickstarter where communities in deprived non war-torn areas around the world could list their projects they need doing.

For example, say a village in Africa were to want a well dug and plumbing in all the shacks for going to the toilet. They could list the job on the Globalization Crowd Funding site with all the expenses listed such as training from someone they import to be foreman for a while, all the necessary materials and diggers but also with funding for the Globalization Crowd Funding representative who would basically ensure that the whole claim for money pledges was legit and none of it was to be embezzled. Also they could pay themselves a wage even for working on their own land, who knows. Then people all over the world who could afford it could pledge money and see what they’re actually giving to and the result of it as listed on the website. 

This would be superior than giving to some random charity where you don’t know what happens to the piles and piles of cash in the chains of paid administrators. Also the business fee of running the website would be just server costs and respectable people could make a living off it just by checking the projects are legitimate. Also there would be a lot of training promoted by the site if they put in the budget for a trained plumbing teacher or two to come over. So knowledge would be shared, machinery would make its way into areas where it is in need which can be even more valuable. Not to mention the boom in industry activity which will help the economy.

Would people give? They already do with Kickstarter, so who knows; that’s just a site for people with creative ideas to get free money.


Eric Dawson 03/June/2016

p.s. I don’t really want to run it myself as I’m a mental health patient.


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