A Church for God

Have you ever asked for a sign from God? There are so few signs from a higher being that we’re left to make them up ourselves. The idea of God is that they’re omnipotent, they are in everything and everyone. So it shouldn’t be that hard for them to talk to us. Yet all we get are the voices ill people have inside their heads. People are raised to believe and so they do believe. But what is the point?
I guess the point is to maintain a person’s will to live on Earth. A place full of disasters and ignorance. Yet how could the psychology of a supreme being ever cope with being omnipotent? If you understood everything and were omnipotent then looking at Earth from all directions would be exactly like watching a horror film that went on and on and on. Not a horror film made for fun to entice emotions but a real true tale of insanity, rape and murder.
Take a choir boy being raped for example, or any of the many rapes happening right now. Imagine if you had to watch that from all angles. Feel the utter horror and pain of the boy and at the same time feel the lust and screwed up mind of the rapist priest. The priest wanted to believe that the world was exactly how Jesus’ friends described it so he decided to live without sex from adults and deny who he was and it screwed him up. It’s such a true horror tale on all sides and it’s real and all done in the name of having a church to worship the higher power that has to witness it. You can’t blame demons for it, it’s simply not their fault. You cant just hope you don’t ever feel lust because you’re religious, it’s a strong part of our genetic inheritance.
The lust we have as humans drives on the species it’s what keeps us going or else why the hell would we have children here? What else would make a captive slave want to have children for example? It comes from evolution, evolution is brutal to watch too I assume.  A big mess of gentle creatures being eaten alive. Nowhere near as sick as humanity turned out to be so at least if there is an omnipotent being then the pure utter horror didn’t really start until the last ten thousand years or so.
Some people think that life on Earth is just an endurance test we go through in order to elevate our souls into Heaven. Yet if that were accurate then where is the test for someone born with birth defects that make such a test impossible for them? How is sending someone to get raped and abused going to help anything? How is sending a child to be born with AIDS going to help anything at all?
If there is a higher power then why don’t they just stop all the abuse happening and make Earth into Heaven instead? All they would have to do is prove they exist every few years and people would step to attention and stop giving each other and themselves hell. There must be a simple answer to that which is likely either that a supreme being doesn’t exist or they simply have no power here at this time.
If that is true then is it possible that God is a helpless observer of our nightmares? God could be trapped watching events unfold inside the movement of reality. If anything is watching us then it doesn’t seem like they can help and that must be so hard for them. Any such deity would likely be in great sorrow and near traumatized by all the mess we make.
It does feel like there is an entity watching over us. There may not be, though even if you outlaw religion as in communist USSR times; people still secretly pray and hope. Hope that we as entities have a future after our brief lives. Hope that there is something wiser than us. Faith is hope in a better world where we are taken care of. Hope there is a purpose to our sufferings one day.
Many people think that God or no God we are on a disaster course and wont make it to any better tomorrow. The world is a very sick place and such a set of true nightmares to understand on a deep level that everyone is scared into distracting themselves, trying not to think about it. Just so they can get on with their daily lives so that at least they can try do OK and not be in suffering.
Many are not in suffering right now and that is a good thing. Yet until we sort society out properly, something we rarely try to do; then it’s like having a lavish party whilst homeless people starve to death outside the door as those homeless are watching, desiring the fun, knocking to get in. If God is truly incapable of helping us then the truly faithful should try to alleviate God’s nightmare by making some real changes. Such as genuinely finding ways to protect each other and our young from each other’s mental sicknesses. Finding out how to unite the species past borders and making us a productive and sustainable part of the ecosystem. To figure out how to make our technology work to better us not worsen the situation.
If the world is so messed up that few can even stomach looking at the problems then that to me indicates a serious situation which we can remedy. If we don’t like admitting the worst of our problems and thinking and feeling about them; then imagine what an omnipotent being would feel like being forced to watch them all as the rest of us try to force a good party or stick our heads into some distraction or other for fear of it.
If we had a future where things were getting better fast all over Earth then perhaps our parties wouldn’t need to be drug fueled to make them happy. Maybe we would just be happy just to be here on Earth with so many positive things going on.
Our current direction of trying not to care whilst we really do care is unhealthy. We are all so unhealthy in a lot of ways. Yet it’s not going to help anything to just give up and wait until we all tear each other apart for cash. The drug fueled party is fun but what goes up must come down. The dream life of the nice house with happy kids and a loving spouse cant happen for everyone with such a high price tag. Most of those living the American Dream lifestyle really don’t enjoy it at all and are forced onto antidepressants to stop killing themselves. Modern life is making the developed world more and more miserable and the high price tag makes us all less free to walk any street unharrased and unmolested.
What we need to do is make every country a place where true nightmares don’t happen. Make them a place where none of us are left alone to starve or be attacked. To interlink each community so that no suffering goes unnoticed and no insanity goes without therapy. What we really want I think is a world we love to think about. One where safety is so predominant that to be robbed, murdered, raped or starving is not a thing that happens. Where if someone is ill we do our best to make them better. Living for cash and making technology for cash alone is not going to bring that to us. All it brings are fewer and fewer people who end up with the cash and they are not often very happy without drugs because they don’t want to even think about the reality of the world and are just glad they’re safer than most.
If money is the only language we can understand, then spend it on something useful. Find ways to give cash incentives for people to do positive things. Bribe them, who cares. Money was never real so the end result of it is all the reality it ever has had. Like having a church that cares for the emotional health of any omnipotent being or soul watching us who cannot help. A church where you confess all you did positively that day and that pays you for it out of the church coffers, which of course you could put back in the donation box if you didn’t need it. A church for God.

Eric Dawson 16th/June/2016


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