History has left quite a mess, using money as a form of trade has caused many issues. It sort of works as a system but not half as well as it could work if the system were more designed to represent who we basically are as people. Many think we are doomed, we have almost started a nuclear holocaust a few times just from a few accidents.

But why save the world? We are all born into a monetary society as independents so we like to save only our independent selves when we grow up. Making the rest of the world better is a waste of time. It’s a lofty ideal for hippies and people wasting their lives. This is how we think, it’s almost logical.

Yet when you think about it, saving the world is good for you. Working towards working together to make life good for everything here is actually a win win win situation. For a start, say you were religious and are heading for the afterlife one day. When there you would still think of planet Earth and how well it was doing. God would also be interested in planet Earth and the life there also.

If you were Buddhist you would be coming back to planet Earth so you would be very concerned how good life there is. In fact everyone who is spiritual in any way would benefit greatly from life on Earth being positive and not a harsh struggle in a savage environment. We lived here once at least and we forever will remain connected to what happened here when we lived and what happens afterwards.

If the world was doing its best to be positive and healthy for all who live there then I assume our souls would appreciate that. So if Earth was an awesome place to live for all then it’s a great win win win situation that lasts forever for your immortal soul.

Say if you were deeply Atheist, why on Earth would you want to save the world when you could be only saving yourself? Because you live here! If you see problems with the world and ignore them. Then for your entire life those problems will likely still be there. Lives are longer than you think.

If we are really accidentally conscious lifeforms stuck in a twist of fate then the logical course of action would be to make life better for ourselves to minimize our suffering throughout our lifetimes. Yet survival here is a team effort even with the use of money to make it work. The source that feeds us survival (everybody else) can also work against us. If everyone just works for themselves then the source that feeds us has no cause to not work against us. As mathematically proven if we work for ourselves and the benefit of the group we are in then all benefit, the group you belong in is the conscious lifeforms group.

For Atheists all that they will ever be is the change they made to matter and energy here, their surviving offspring and the thrill of their once existence here. I’m saying that if they lived for the positivity of all as well as themselves then them and Atheists all over the world would have a better experience throughout their entire lives. Working just for yourself is great but what if you lose your strength to old age? Then others will exploit your weakness in such a competitive society, such as happens in the Western World where old people are exploited for their money and rejected from modern society.

Atheist society should be good for Atheists so it would be a win to help the group as well as yourself. The Atheist offspring are their future and they will be left independent to survive in the group the parents made better or worse, that is the legacy. Religious society is eternal in the soul so they should focus on the quality of life here for an eternal positivity rather than regret or fear. Basically for everyone there is no logical sense to making the world worse when we could make it better because at the end of the day we’re stuck with it. Anyone who knowingly makes the world worse is either wrong/inaccurate or deeply insane or deeply insane because their head is full of wrong. Making life better for all is a Meaning of Life that makes sense for each of us.

Eric Dawson 16th August 2016


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