The Smoking Gun




Why do cigarettes not kill everyone who smokes them? There is a major trend of hatred towards them. Those addicted do not care, they are hooked for life and anti-smokers are basically impinging upon their freedoms with a nazi zeal. It’s not like the pro-smoker is shoving leaflets about the value of not drinking dairy milk into the nazi’s face.

However mayhap there is a reason behind it all. Many die of smoking related cancers every year. Now I have a paranoid theory that there are batches of say,, uranium infused tobacco sent to to countries to poison people there so that cancer becomes a worldwide issue and  a common thing to not be surprised to catch.

Yet what if a cell of cancer were like a cell of bacteria/acne and would just eat and eat and eat until the host body is gone. It’s not a very good survival mechanism for the progression of the cancer/bacteria cell species but it seems to work for bacteria as they survive in the ground as well and can keep finding other things to eat and lay dormant and such.

Yet a cancer has no chance of surviving afterwards so what actually is it? Perhaps they give a load of it to the masses in poisoned cigarettes so that they may target higher up members of society with poisonous cancer such as Steve Jobs, just by offering him a smoke.

Be careful of your dealers people, and always use a filter.


Eric W Dawson 23/Feb/2017



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