We all have our purpose here.

We all have our purpose here. I’m thinking the soul is like a seperate dimension. All dimensions combine together and each can develop internally yet there is no space for our organic bodies to think. No space? Seems to be lots of space yet if you were anywhere in this massive universe of our’s how do you point a direction? There’s only the center and away from the center.

Since we’re moving all over inside it in and the cells in our minds are running at similar speeds you would have to see each of us as a seperate dimension added to it to make four more, our DNA must be like 00 01 10 11 the only four possible combos, weird coincidence. Anyway the bond of dimensions allows stuff to happen above the laws of thermodynamics. Because in a brain you can get more out of the electricity you put into it as in change more on Earth with thinking. It also allows the ‘experience’ of time, a pseudo dimension.

We’re here trying to build an awesome planet with good things to do apparently. And it’s hard work but all go through trials; just think of what the animal you ate the other day had to go through. The thing is, once we create our first nanofarm and add a few raw materials then we could make anything, even a computer that could reverse engineer the universe because it was so smart and swallow everything whole leaving it exactly the way it was.

So basically we’re fully fledged dimensions, just like every ant and fly. Helping each other in the most greusome of ways to make a universe or a nice time for all. When we die we would just be stuck maybe, unless there were a mesh/digital copy of who we were when we fought to make Earth a better place. There could be a digital heaven already since there’s a solid Earth already.

If you were dead and in a heaven type scenario you could see what things we’re missing like the meaning of life. But you can’t tell someone alive on Earth something they don’t already know because it’s a paradox as you exist outside of their dimension’s link. And so our dimension rejoins the practical Earth Universe. There could be a zillion souls/dimensions yet life thrives here all over. Earth is where the drama of wisdom is played to a hopeful end. Also good for flies, cockroaches all sorts.

Personally I think something happened that melded all our dimensions with this universe’s two point dimension in its attempt to count above zero. We want to grow so we live our lives here.

Eric W Dawson 28th April 2017s


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