Regarding Democracy:

It just came to mind that the smoking bans are a result of lack of belief in any form of afterlife.
People who don’t believe in anything fear death and then they project that onto me who doesn’t think this is all there is in the universe. Then they eat meat also which is plain cruel if you don’t respect the cow and her sacrifice.
Then my freedoms are taken away because we live in a monarchial society where paid for stooges make all the decisions, the fake government own the mint and you need to earn constantly to survive.
I cannot yet live outside of the UK because I need their meds to keep my faulty brain working, which is a pain in the ass though the alternative of being crazy all the time is not a good one so woo breakthrough in science \o/.
I can’t sustain myself anywhere but here basically because of this situation I was born into. I’m stuck! That is my sacrifice.

The current situation of humanity is a fucking stupid situation full of lies and half truths to one another and much global insanity. If you educate a child with insane thoughts as that this state is “normal” then it just rolls on another generation.
It is amazing how many will take money to come after you if you threaten their jobs for not doing that. It was me Verses about 16 nurses one day in hospital and all I wanted was to calmly smoke a cigarette. Instead they had me jumping over bushes, making displays of violence, running and using psychological warfare tactics until security turned up and calmed the situation by letting me have a cigarette.

So how do you make decisions that affect your life in such a monarchial society? You simply don’t. It is all done for you and those making the decisions are poor hacks with weak ideology. As is proven by the poor quality of life many of us suffer.
The only way to stop that trend is to have an effective welfare system. Currently if you don’t fight the innocent smoker for their rights then you lose your job and get to be homeless in a country full of empty houses.
So there really will never be any way to effectively protest as your kids will starve and not even have toys.
You can’t vote your way out of it as democracy is a fucking joke. The politicians take away more than they give and they bullshit all in your mind to rationalize it with the media. You’re educated to believe in bullshit and why wouldn’t you believe it as it comes from the highest source we have.

We’re stuck, basically. We shouldn’t be so consumed with wars and hatred globally. We should be concerned with the animals we took the life of to throw in our guts and to turn that energy into something positive, a future that is not stuck.
We need to be safe. Which means we shouldn’t have to work to survive, especially when we have so many computers and robots that we don’t need to.
When we have the fallback of proper welfare if you are unemployed then we will be free to think and learn and develop; we will even have the safety to question the decisions of our own leaders. People will become self-empowered and self-controlled. Life may even become fun for the billions compared to the few.

We could choose to globally unify or not, we could choose to allow each other freedoms or not. There’s many advantages to making unemployed people financially and medically safe such as for example if you take a ghetto type place in the USA. The forward thinking people there spend all their time working shitty jobs whilst the rest who cannot get a job end up in the drug life. Now imagine if the forward thinking people of the community had time to instead work to help the community’s issues and keep people sane, safe, the children protected from addictions. It’s a better scenario.
This is not how it is now, it is a system where atheist, deranged, drugged up lunatics get worshipped by the people they pay to serve them as they make laws to drive the masses to suffer. We shouldn’t be listening to them, yet humans are so scared of losing their advantage financially they still do.

The people who make the decisions do not know any better than you or me what to do. They probably just make it up as they go along as so many do. They’re obviously psychopathically insane or else why be so harsh on your own people?
Though apparently a psychopath is near unable to understand why they should care about what other people suffer compared to their own feelings which are all about them and their own successes and highs. Which leaves us at a point where our leaders are actually our enemies because they care not for us.
For example, why would you spin propaganda Verses honesty to those you lead? You want your people to be stupid and lost or to be strong and wise? There are numerous examples of false documentation of real life events in newspapers and on television. All paid for by our enemies, the minority. I assume their only thrill in life could be to wrangle more non-psychopaths to do their bidding than their competitors.

The democratic system results in a battle between two main parties because only one can be the winner and there’s no point in number three. Yet after one of the two has been chosen how can anyone automatically be held accountable for just one of the decisions ruled in by that government as they had no say in the discussion or voting for the decision.
It’s a famed and utterly flawed system which has left us vulnerable to being educated into bullshit beliefs in authority that really narrow down to being oppressed by your fellow human because they’re worried they’ll have to live on the street.
There’s no point in living life ignorant and chased by poverty. It all just ends in culls of the masses in big wars where the politicians of said war and their families only get safer and more control of the resources whilst your offspring in the services die or lose limbs.

So what is a reasonable way forward, for progression not endless cycles of bullshit violence? We must simply start with honesty.
The decisions made should be explainable to the populace and none should be made in secret or with psychological sales and “spin” (bullshit) added to them. Their honesty should be accepted without retribution as we are one to another just trying to make headway in life. We’re all just conscious minds mistakes are inevitable.
The next step is for the power to vote for none of the political parties to be a statement that you don’t agree with either of them and wish for them to do better as in work for what you want as a voter not for what they want as a career/psychopath move. Without the ‘none of the above’ option in the ballot box then there is as is now no free market/incentive to do better/point in voting at all/public demands to be met for all politicians currently employed right now.

The fact there is no ‘none of the above’ option on ballets currently means literally and logically that we have no actual politicians.
Which is probably why we are not as happy as we could be with a proper system of government.

Eric William Dawson 21st May 2017


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