How To: Vote None of the Above

So I was thinking about my last piece and knowing that there’s no chance the wealthy ruling political parties would ever allow a ‘none of the above’ box on a ballot paper I figured out another means.
If you were to start a political party named ‘None of the Above’ in which the party leader shared the responsibility equally with all members of the N.A. party and the party rules were that its members were to accept no donations nor funding for setting up the fine details required for the N.A. party to function.
Such details would include a website where any Great British citizen could register themselves via official I.D., address and phone number. Volunteers would nominate themselves on this website to become Members of Parliament under the Terms and Conditions that if elected, all their voting powers would be relinquished to those within their constituency registered on the website, with of course open registration.
There being a standing MP for the None of the Above party in any constituency means that option will then appear on the ballot papers and be a choice that people can make to say they’re not satisfied with a two or three party system of corrupt individuals. This should at the minimum scare the current variety of politicians into thinking they have to do better for the people they govern rather than themselves. At maximum the N.A. party could be voted into government.
To digress for a moment; the entire idea of politics is that most of the population should not have a say in government because they’re too easily fooled and are stupid. That is the base of our government.
Yet it’s never been tried. We in the United Kingdom all officially grew up with the National Curriculum which is our standards for education. So according to the politicians we are actually educated and can make up our own minds. There is no reason we should not at least attempt to have everyone who wants to, vote upon all issues. It is called equality.
Not everyone is interested in politics or wants to spend time directing the country from home with votes on every issue raised. So only people who actually care one way or another about how an everyday government choice goes will vote on the aforesaid website. Which is actual democracy, the don’t care non-voters will then officially not care. You could register for alerts on votes within your interest to remember to vote. Also if people don’t understand the issues then there needs to be an honest as possible, limited in size description of the issues for a vote yes or no.
It is very important that all proceedings where money or control is involved be transparent to the public and under strict scrutiny for embezzlement and corruption. The really tricky parts will be the budget and foreign policy. The budget could all be hashed out by outsourced U.K. accountant think tanks and their results can be voted upon on the website.
The foreign policy really needs to be decided upon by the armed forces as their budget is with police force’s budget the most important to accommodate. Yet the population who pays that budget will always be able to countermand their decisions by mass vote if it’s incredibly important.

I’m just theorising on how to stop us all ending up in servitude to people with rich parents who work to keep us stupid and in servitude when given the choice so they can carry on their drug fuelled debauched insanity. Maybe people can even start talking honestly within the United Kingdom who knows?
E.W.D. 22nd May 2017  JL 29 25 22 C


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