The Root of all Evil

I’ve written in the past about how people getting rich destroys much because of the way it bends people’s minds until they end up worshipping the rich person with servitude. A very unhealthy setup as it is not often down to a person’s good points that they become wealthy. Overall, a really weird system that often brings the quality of life here down for most whilst a few reap the rewards.

The monetary system brings out our survival instincts. As highly evolved beings of nature we are as nature acts because we exploit anything we can. It is who we are. The reason Russia did not live in a utopia during communism might be that we can bribe a person with threats and power or with a hundred sheep; just as easily as with money tokens.

Money used to be real. It used to merely be a bartering tool with the coins made out of precious metals. Nowadays we use the precious metals and have replaced them with tokens basically. Tokens of want. As pieces of paper, scrap metal or digits on a screen they are an imaginary means of bartering.

We can use them to barter and be accepted for all available wants and needs. It’s completely dehumanizing ourselves from what we physically do for each other. To a person who doesn’t know anything about money, for example. If they watched your home they would see people sending/giving you electricity, gasses, water, technology, beds, clothing. Many finished works by the hands of many other people.

It can be a really comfortable system for some. Yet the system has no safety for us as a species. To have the current system then if you can’t work or can’t find work then the species and their system is designed to take away that technology and shut down those gasses and water. Presumably to let that useless person die off. But it’s all because of money so we don’t have to think about it.

At the moment there appears to be no government incentive to take care of such people when those very same bankrupt people may have voted in that government. Having such a safety net would take away a lot of destroyed lives and desperation For example less people would probably be forced to sell their body for sex. It would become a more wholesome world, a system we really need.

Having the choice to not work is the entire idea behind technology. Our governments don’t appear to understand that a machine bears the load of many. Sure there is still work to be done to operate the machine. Though there are always going to be less jobs. Yet the capitalist economy is set up so if you don’t have a job you have to go live on the streets and have no buying power. The owner of the machine gets all the buying power which lead to our system with one percent owning the collected tokens of want of all the other ninety-nine percent, a top-heavy system where the majority have no say.

The only solution to our predicament is better government to control the way the financial system affects their constituents. Yet how can we have honest government officials when nobody can be trusted not to become a sell-out or not to succumb to coercion? Currently politics around the world is all about what corruption the officials can achieve and not lose their personal wealth or standing. Which is very easy to do as the votes of a few bribed politicians is all it takes to change laws and society for the worst.

If we’re determined to keep democracy and money then the only way to keep a realistic sensible government would be to take the influence of our top heavy capitalist system away from those who make decisions regarding the lives of people. The only way to do that is to make all the politicians un-bribable, the only way to do that is to take the ability to bribe them away.

At the moment if you bribe a politician with campaign funding or whatever you wish to call it then they can be shown to the person paying the bribe to have fulfilled their contract when they vote in parliament or the senate. If the votes on issues of all elected members of government were by secret ballot and all issues had to be voted yes or no by all elected members in government. Then the people wishing to financially exert influence and distort the proper systems of government will no longer know who to bribe. Even if they did bribe many of them the politicians would still be able to vote privately against the decision.

Apparently there are so many acts of government that it is impossible for politicians to read them all before voting upon them. This is obviously designed to increase bribes because it makes it so easy for the bribe to place malevolent law against the greater good of the government’s people. To have a less corrupt system they will obviously need to slow the list of new acts down because it’s incompetent to vote for things you don’t understand.

Which as an economist would tell you is the entire reason we have a government. Because the average person if given the vote are not trusted to do anything but vote for a better decision maker for them. You simply cannot blindly vote in new law when you don’t have a clue of the consequences. They are being paid to make informed decisions yet currently they don’t care to. If someone in a different line of work were so negligent or found to have been bribed or coerced they would lose their job as they are not doing what they are paid to do and end up homeless.

If government were to work in this way then we wouldn’t have to make severe changes to the capitalist system. Everyone would still be free to be workaholic money making addicts yet they would have to do that within a country where the government is hard to corrupt. You would have to bribe or threaten all the officials of every party present in order to sway the vote which could not be guaranteed due to the freedom of the secret ballot.

It appears to be the best way forward.

Eric Dawson 18th October 2017


Crazy Guts

After reading this charming article about gut bacteria which eat the GABA neurotransmitter I had a vague theory which upon investigation may not be too far from the mark. Apparently GABA is an important chemical for a lot of the body. There is some debate as to whether or not it can pass through the blood brain barrier. If it could then a body with gut bacteria who eat GABA may take the GABA from the brain or prevent resupply of GABA to the brain in order to share it with other organs that need it,

Which would leave a brain dominant in Glutamate brain chemicals which could produce hallucinations and madness, ‘Glutamate works not only as a point-to-point transmitter, but also through spill-over synaptic crosstalk between synapses in which summation of glutamate released from a neighboring synapse creates extrasynaptic signaling/volume transmission.’ GABA is a calming neurotransmitter, a body lacking in it could cause anxiety via the para-sympathetic “fight or flight” nervous response via the gut-brain axis.

‘The gut flora itself appears to function like an endocrine organ.’ ‘More than 90% of the body’s serotonin lies in the gut, as well as about 50% of the body’s dopamine and the dual function of these neurotransmitters is an active part of gut-brain research.’ If the balance of the bacteria that produce and feed off these neurotransmitters is lost all hell could break loose.

Another article I read lately was about how Schizophrenics are shown to have degrading amounts of gray brain matter over time. That could be caused by a loss of GABA leaving mostly Glutamate which ‘could cause neuronal damage or death through excitotoxicity’ and ‘Schizophrenia patients tend to have reduced GABA concentration in areas of their brain’.

My vague theory is if the gut has GABA eating bacteria in a hereditary genius person there will be more GABA produced for the genetic size of brain so the gut bacteria that eat it will always have food. The Glutamate remains alone unchecked by GABA’s balancing effects producing insanity and gray matter loss.

A bipolar person in this respect would be someone near genius who can maintain a critical amount of GABA eating gut bacteria yet their population in the gut fluctuates as phages manage to dominate and wipe them out. Which leaves the bipolar person with extra GABA in the body and increasing levels of GABA in the brain which leads to a high that is manic due to the previous excess of Glutamate still in prevalence. Which is then followed by the GABA eating bacteria regrowing in the absence of the strain dependant bacteria eating phage viruses as said phages exhausted their food supply and died. Which may lead to a depressed state of insanity as the body is again starved of GABA yet not to the degree of a regular schizophrenic who’s strong supply of GABA is always being eaten by gut bacteria which maintains the state of imbalance permanently.

To test this theory one could boost the amount of GABA artificially with the Russian invented drug Picamilon on a delusional Schizophrenic and see if it causes a temporary recovery.
I myself am now experimenting with a probiotic full of gut calming and brain chemical boosting bacteria.


Eric Dawson 20th September 2017
P.S. If you are likewise effected by schizophrenia or bi-polar please take in mind the above information is untested, theoretical and may be inaccurate.


Do you want to live forever? The rules of this place seem to be that nothing can be destroyed, only change forms. So if there were any energy circling round your mind then it cannot be destroyed but it can lose the circuits it runs on when the body dies.

Life has always seemed to me to be somewhat of a cosmic joke. We run around obsessed with money and fashion whilst true awe occurs all around us. With our low moods and limited senses we miss out on most of life. We get accustomed to this amazing experience and then completely ignore it.

The Universe is incredibly old. In the great scheme of things our individual lives are as infinitesimally important as a gnat on a dog’s back. We are very small and live for a brief while. Yet it is quite a feat to live out a full life here. Things get desperate fast. If there are any aliens they are not backing us up and neither are any gods.

Almost every logic points towards a fact that we’re here as accidentally created biological robots, we are the first to survive here because it’s so difficult and that’s the end of the story.

Now it has long been my knowledge that there is no such force as evil because to be evil as opposed to deranged requires the ability to think above the deranged patterns of thought and gain wisdom. No wise being would act like a deranged person for the thrills. Wise people are not wolves amongst sheep but leaders of their fellow sheep/wolves. To look above the deranged it’s plain to see that we are a bioshphere all working together to make life happen in this part of eternity.

Time is only registered by movement of chemicals in our brain; without movement we couldn’t comprehend as the energy and blood in our minds wouldn’t flow. Eternity is all the movements made in the Universe up until now.

Judging by how epic an amount of space and movement there has been so far it seems very unlikely that we are the very first to breath the air and swim in the sea without complete ignorance of what we were, how to think and talk.

What if in a previous life we were born into bodies that did not die of old age, as aliens. How long before you would all become wise and live in harmony? Most importantly how utterly boring would it be to live for ten thousand years? How long before all become fed up, depressed, bored? How long would it take for all creativity to be played out and boring, humor lost?

How long before we became so bland that for any self who lived for a very long time started to lust after a new beginning. Fashion, money; even pain could be lusted after by such a bored self.

So it is vaguely possible that life on Earth is where the eternal go to live and experience in a game which is real. Our lives could be missions we put ourselves on in order to reshape our character and gain insight into played-out, bored topics. All we have to do is cut our energy off from any memory circuits we have and join with a fetus.

If pain and suffering were considered easily tolerable by our souls and life here was not the end of the journey but a team effort then life here could easily be part of a cosmic joke. Yet for anyone who has lived here it is also a mission of attrition. Likely it is fundamentally worth the struggle for the burst of life inside a tired eternity.

Eric Dawson 22nd/August/2017

How To: Vote None of the Above

So I was thinking about my last piece and knowing that there’s no chance the wealthy ruling political parties would ever allow a ‘none of the above’ box on a ballot paper I figured out another means.
If you were to start a political party named ‘None of the Above’ in which the party leader shared the responsibility equally with all members of the N.A. party and the party rules were that its members were to accept no donations nor funding for setting up the fine details required for the N.A. party to function.
Such details would include a website where any Great British citizen could register themselves via official I.D., address and phone number. Volunteers would nominate themselves on this website to become Members of Parliament under the Terms and Conditions that if elected, all their voting powers would be relinquished to those within their constituency registered on the website, with of course open registration.
There being a standing MP for the None of the Above party in any constituency means that option will then appear on the ballot papers and be a choice that people can make to say they’re not satisfied with a two or three party system of corrupt individuals. This should at the minimum scare the current variety of politicians into thinking they have to do better for the people they govern rather than themselves. At maximum the N.A. party could be voted into government.
To digress for a moment; the entire idea of politics is that most of the population should not have a say in government because they’re too easily fooled and are stupid. That is the base of our government.
Yet it’s never been tried. We in the United Kingdom all officially grew up with the National Curriculum which is our standards for education. So according to the politicians we are actually educated and can make up our own minds. There is no reason we should not at least attempt to have everyone who wants to, vote upon all issues. It is called equality.
Not everyone is interested in politics or wants to spend time directing the country from home with votes on every issue raised. So only people who actually care one way or another about how an everyday government choice goes will vote on the aforesaid website. Which is actual democracy, the don’t care non-voters will then officially not care. You could register for alerts on votes within your interest to remember to vote. Also if people don’t understand the issues then there needs to be an honest as possible, limited in size description of the issues for a vote yes or no.
It is very important that all proceedings where money or control is involved be transparent to the public and under strict scrutiny for embezzlement and corruption. The really tricky parts will be the budget and foreign policy. The budget could all be hashed out by outsourced U.K. accountant think tanks and their results can be voted upon on the website.
The foreign policy really needs to be decided upon by the armed forces as their budget is with police force’s budget the most important to accommodate. Yet the population who pays that budget will always be able to countermand their decisions by mass vote if it’s incredibly important.

I’m just theorising on how to stop us all ending up in servitude to people with rich parents who work to keep us stupid and in servitude when given the choice so they can carry on their drug fuelled debauched insanity. Maybe people can even start talking honestly within the United Kingdom who knows?
E.W.D. 22nd May 2017  JL 29 25 22 C

Regarding Democracy:

It just came to mind that the smoking bans are a result of lack of belief in any form of afterlife.
People who don’t believe in anything fear death and then they project that onto me who doesn’t think this is all there is in the universe. Then they eat meat also which is plain cruel if you don’t respect the cow and her sacrifice.
Then my freedoms are taken away because we live in a monarchial society where paid for stooges make all the decisions, the fake government own the mint and you need to earn constantly to survive.
I cannot yet live outside of the UK because I need their meds to keep my faulty brain working, which is a pain in the ass though the alternative of being crazy all the time is not a good one so woo breakthrough in science \o/.
I can’t sustain myself anywhere but here basically because of this situation I was born into. I’m stuck! That is my sacrifice.

The current situation of humanity is a fucking stupid situation full of lies and half truths to one another and much global insanity. If you educate a child with insane thoughts as that this state is “normal” then it just rolls on another generation.
It is amazing how many will take money to come after you if you threaten their jobs for not doing that. It was me Verses about 16 nurses one day in hospital and all I wanted was to calmly smoke a cigarette. Instead they had me jumping over bushes, making displays of violence, running and using psychological warfare tactics until security turned up and calmed the situation by letting me have a cigarette.

So how do you make decisions that affect your life in such a monarchial society? You simply don’t. It is all done for you and those making the decisions are poor hacks with weak ideology. As is proven by the poor quality of life many of us suffer.
The only way to stop that trend is to have an effective welfare system. Currently if you don’t fight the innocent smoker for their rights then you lose your job and get to be homeless in a country full of empty houses.
So there really will never be any way to effectively protest as your kids will starve and not even have toys.
You can’t vote your way out of it as democracy is a fucking joke. The politicians take away more than they give and they bullshit all in your mind to rationalize it with the media. You’re educated to believe in bullshit and why wouldn’t you believe it as it comes from the highest source we have.

We’re stuck, basically. We shouldn’t be so consumed with wars and hatred globally. We should be concerned with the animals we took the life of to throw in our guts and to turn that energy into something positive, a future that is not stuck.
We need to be safe. Which means we shouldn’t have to work to survive, especially when we have so many computers and robots that we don’t need to.
When we have the fallback of proper welfare if you are unemployed then we will be free to think and learn and develop; we will even have the safety to question the decisions of our own leaders. People will become self-empowered and self-controlled. Life may even become fun for the billions compared to the few.

We could choose to globally unify or not, we could choose to allow each other freedoms or not. There’s many advantages to making unemployed people financially and medically safe such as for example if you take a ghetto type place in the USA. The forward thinking people there spend all their time working shitty jobs whilst the rest who cannot get a job end up in the drug life. Now imagine if the forward thinking people of the community had time to instead work to help the community’s issues and keep people sane, safe, the children protected from addictions. It’s a better scenario.
This is not how it is now, it is a system where atheist, deranged, drugged up lunatics get worshipped by the people they pay to serve them as they make laws to drive the masses to suffer. We shouldn’t be listening to them, yet humans are so scared of losing their advantage financially they still do.

The people who make the decisions do not know any better than you or me what to do. They probably just make it up as they go along as so many do. They’re obviously psychopathically insane or else why be so harsh on your own people?
Though apparently a psychopath is near unable to understand why they should care about what other people suffer compared to their own feelings which are all about them and their own successes and highs. Which leaves us at a point where our leaders are actually our enemies because they care not for us.
For example, why would you spin propaganda Verses honesty to those you lead? You want your people to be stupid and lost or to be strong and wise? There are numerous examples of false documentation of real life events in newspapers and on television. All paid for by our enemies, the minority. I assume their only thrill in life could be to wrangle more non-psychopaths to do their bidding than their competitors.

The democratic system results in a battle between two main parties because only one can be the winner and there’s no point in number three. Yet after one of the two has been chosen how can anyone automatically be held accountable for just one of the decisions ruled in by that government as they had no say in the discussion or voting for the decision.
It’s a famed and utterly flawed system which has left us vulnerable to being educated into bullshit beliefs in authority that really narrow down to being oppressed by your fellow human because they’re worried they’ll have to live on the street.
There’s no point in living life ignorant and chased by poverty. It all just ends in culls of the masses in big wars where the politicians of said war and their families only get safer and more control of the resources whilst your offspring in the services die or lose limbs.

So what is a reasonable way forward, for progression not endless cycles of bullshit violence? We must simply start with honesty.
The decisions made should be explainable to the populace and none should be made in secret or with psychological sales and “spin” (bullshit) added to them. Their honesty should be accepted without retribution as we are one to another just trying to make headway in life. We’re all just conscious minds mistakes are inevitable.
The next step is for the power to vote for none of the political parties to be a statement that you don’t agree with either of them and wish for them to do better as in work for what you want as a voter not for what they want as a career/psychopath move. Without the ‘none of the above’ option in the ballot box then there is as is now no free market/incentive to do better/point in voting at all/public demands to be met for all politicians currently employed right now.

The fact there is no ‘none of the above’ option on ballets currently means literally and logically that we have no actual politicians.
Which is probably why we are not as happy as we could be with a proper system of government.

Eric William Dawson 21st May 2017

Can You Stand?

I’m bored so I decided to take a break from being humble and an outcast to try work some sense into my fragile species. I find that just explaining why people’s bizarre behavior is wrong and bizarre doesn’t even cause a ripple in the ocean of madness that we all live together with as a species, dragging many other animals with us.

What is plainly clear is that people just don’t want to know. There is a good reason for that. Human beings are born as very fragile creatures and that never stops until they die. You would think that big strong men and women were big and strong. Though challenge them with something that questions their world view and they will first cover it up with their personal brand of bullshit then secondly run a mile away from you.

Everyone is running away from the facts of life, globally. They’re frigging terrifying and though I see the reason they run I don’t see the point in it. People prefer to live with no point to their lives. It seems like the only way for them to survive is to run and hide from common sense.

Before we put our brains into religion only, now we are losing that we put them wherever the heck we can to escape the fact that our world views, our base understanding of life is completely wrong. People can’t survive talking about brutal or deep matters so they make a mockery of them and put their brain into some distraction or other.

They’re basically far too sensitive and cowardly for this universe. I don’t know why they are here. Just a load of pussies who can’t admit when they’re wrong. Why should they though? There’s absolutely no incentive or gain for them. It’s better for these timid creatures to stay insane because they don’t seem capable of anything rational. Well it would be better if the suffering generated by their clown crazy antics wasn’t deafening. Talk about a big cry for help.

We carry on making a mess and weaving a vast web of complete bullshit. Yet the bullshit people make causes more suffering because they didn’t have a clue what they were doing which just makes more need to distract yourself until in the far off future nobody can handle living here without some hefty drugs to maintain the mood.

They carry on and on the great human effort to make everything simple enough to mentally and emotionally digest, why not make it a big competition where there are winners and losers. It has more incentive. Yet to anyone with a shred of sense it makes little logical sense to feed some bullshitting contest.

I could write reams and reams of text about how much bullshit there is in the world. How much noise compared to clear signal of sense.  Though I am sick of trying to make sense out of madness. All you can do is understand where it starts and accept it for what it is. A planet populated by a load of tender souls who cant stand life and want to ignore it.

When they shun an outcast they’re basically just reaffirming their insane world view that their life makes some productive sense. They will often band together just to shun anything that contradicts them, everyone does it is a basic structured delusional reality, the more people who shun the outcast then the bigger the reaffirmation of their delusional worlds.

The outcome naturally results in the world being made more of a twisted mess of bullshit where people talk a good game like they’re strong people, yet they really don’t want to know anything important because the truth is far too horrific for them to digest.

I guess there is no choice for them. If they can’t be honest because it’s too horrific for them then what can they do other than live a life of bullshit? It’s not that complicated really to think more honestly. Yet you have to be brave enough to think for a start. To think you are lost and so is everyone else is just too much to bear I guess.

There’s really no point in frustrating yourself with the problems of the world. They’re going to happen and continue happening. For the simple reason everyone is too scared to admit they devoted their entire lives to nothing substantial, just a load of bullshit. All the time the grass is growing, the sun is shining, we could all be having a wonderful time. Yet that will not happen easily because who stops and enjoys themselves in the middle of a contest of bullshit, it’s dangerous in a world of crazy people. Let them litter the party venues, rape each other and sell each other drugs they can’t possibly handle.

Ignorance isn’t bliss it’s madness when it exists with the power of a human brain behind it, it really is a choice. There is no living proof of what a God might even want for example. Yet it’s so important to people not to think about reality they throw all that brainpower into such a madness.

It’s like tell a child that Santa Claus comes down the chimney every year, it’s better the innocent don’t learn that he was just a generous wealthy man who didn’t like the idea of little girls being forced into prostitution. He was such a freak for that in his age that he became world famous for actually giving a wouldbe child prostitute some wealth when he didn’t have to. That’s not being a saint, he was probably just thinking rationally.

If I said Jesus was a delusional schizophrenic and Mohammed was an enigmatic conman then it doesn’t quite have the same ring. It doesn’t make a good distraction to reality so cover that up with bombs and suicide. Invade a country or two and kill them all, do whatever it takes to not think. The religious despite their might are too scared to admit anything.

So instead I’m going to feel superior for not having a religion that doesn’t make any sense and make a lot of money instead so that I will be successful. The pursuit of wealth is a distraction just as strong as religion. The species has become so muddled up with trying not to exist here mentally that the only way to get us to work together is to make it a big competition with a prize of a home and food.

To buy into that competition means even if you are successful, the pure for-profit nature of your life is fundamentally designed to have many more people be less wealthy and if you’re really lucky you’ll consume so many resources that the masses starve.

Similar bullshit happened in Russia when they became communist. They simply banned money and religion because it made no sense. It was a bold move from a desperate people, yet there was nothing to replace them. The west freaked out that they would have to stop and think in a world without money so they paid their leaders to threaten to destroy the planet with nuclear bombs.

The cold war is a good example of how little everyone knows. The Russians were not as successful without money and religion, apparently the west won because they made cellphones and better television. The best outcome was that nobody had to think about anything real.

Communist USSR should have been paradise. Communist China should have been a powerhouse of creativity. Yet it seems when you take the bullshit away from people then they fear and look to the first person who seems to pretend to have a clue what to do. It’s basically a scared mass who’s fear unites them against outcasts and different people. Unity is good, yet a unity of terrified fragile humans doens’t end well.

The only difference between the chinese and the americans is the americans have more nonsense to deal with and so are divided. Unite them all under the same lost scared banner and it wont be long until they do stupid stuff like murder their newborn children too. The delusions the chinese shared made a good incentive to the murders. I’m not racist and obviously the chinese are just as human as we are. We would obviously do the same in the same situation. It’s just slightly more palatable to the american delusions to have kids survive just not happily. Better to have them shoot each other on the streets or slog their life out in some horrid job whilst everyone distracts themselves by talking crazed nonsense.

The human brain works on incentive yet there is little incentive to thinking clearly because it hurts and it doesn’t get you anywhere. People hate it so much they would rather employ a leader to think for them. These leaders are about as wise as ‘let’s make enough bombs to destroy the world then tell people we’re going to’. I guess it’s easier for people to let that happen than to stand out at all and be made an outcast by the crazies.

We are tribal animals after all, we love to belong in a pack though anyone with a grain of common sense would notice we are all of the same pack. That’s blatantly obvious though it will not stop your brother from running into you with a suicide bomb and it wont stop you paying to have someone shoot the annoying Muslim cos they’re wackadoo. Yet shooting them dead is fighting fire with fire, or bullshit with bullshit and you’re left in future with even more of a mess. Which has much incentive for many people because it’s a great distraction that could go on for thousands of years.

Pass on delusions to your kids or tell them something honest like you brought them into a shithole because you felt motivated to do. Now they must fight in an insane competition to be the most successful crazy alive so that they never have to scrub a floor on hands and knees. You basically bought them a turn on an insane lottery wheel in a world where luck isn’t a real thing just a coincidence.

Which is not a good reason to not have a baby. All of us are essential parts of life, the life we live was hard won out of nothing, it is growing and has value. Yet it is fundamentally insane which was natural for this sensitive species tamed. No reason to give up and a lot of reason to try take care of these weak ill souls.

Eric Dawson 29th August 2016

P.S. Fuck you it’s bloody obvious, stop being a pussy. Hoping for an apocalypse so that we may have an ‘intervention’ is just a manifestation of your crazy which is not logical or practical therefore it’s unlikely to work. It seems our greatest challenge in life is to accept real life and talk about it. Weird but true.


History has left quite a mess, using money as a form of trade has caused many issues. It sort of works as a system but not half as well as it could work if the system were more designed to represent who we basically are as people. Many think we are doomed, we have almost started a nuclear holocaust a few times just from a few accidents.

But why save the world? We are all born into a monetary society as independents so we like to save only our independent selves when we grow up. Making the rest of the world better is a waste of time. It’s a lofty ideal for hippies and people wasting their lives. This is how we think, it’s almost logical.

Yet when you think about it, saving the world is good for you. Working towards working together to make life good for everything here is actually a win win win situation. For a start, say you were religious and are heading for the afterlife one day. When there you would still think of planet Earth and how well it was doing. God would also be interested in planet Earth and the life there also.

If you were Buddhist you would be coming back to planet Earth so you would be very concerned how good life there is. In fact everyone who is spiritual in any way would benefit greatly from life on Earth being positive and not a harsh struggle in a savage environment. We lived here once at least and we forever will remain connected to what happened here when we lived and what happens afterwards.

If the world was doing its best to be positive and healthy for all who live there then I assume our souls would appreciate that. So if Earth was an awesome place to live for all then it’s a great win win win situation that lasts forever for your immortal soul.

Say if you were deeply Atheist, why on Earth would you want to save the world when you could be only saving yourself? Because you live here! If you see problems with the world and ignore them. Then for your entire life those problems will likely still be there. Lives are longer than you think.

If we are really accidentally conscious lifeforms stuck in a twist of fate then the logical course of action would be to make life better for ourselves to minimize our suffering throughout our lifetimes. Yet survival here is a team effort even with the use of money to make it work. The source that feeds us survival (everybody else) can also work against us. If everyone just works for themselves then the source that feeds us has no cause to not work against us. As mathematically proven if we work for ourselves and the benefit of the group we are in then all benefit, the group you belong in is the conscious lifeforms group.

For Atheists all that they will ever be is the change they made to matter and energy here, their surviving offspring and the thrill of their once existence here. I’m saying that if they lived for the positivity of all as well as themselves then them and Atheists all over the world would have a better experience throughout their entire lives. Working just for yourself is great but what if you lose your strength to old age? Then others will exploit your weakness in such a competitive society, such as happens in the Western World where old people are exploited for their money and rejected from modern society.

Atheist society should be good for Atheists so it would be a win to help the group as well as yourself. The Atheist offspring are their future and they will be left independent to survive in the group the parents made better or worse, that is the legacy. Religious society is eternal in the soul so they should focus on the quality of life here for an eternal positivity rather than regret or fear. Basically for everyone there is no logical sense to making the world worse when we could make it better because at the end of the day we’re stuck with it. Anyone who knowingly makes the world worse is either wrong/inaccurate or deeply insane or deeply insane because their head is full of wrong. Making life better for all is a Meaning of Life that makes sense for each of us.

Eric Dawson 16th August 2016