The Kingdom of Hell

What if we didn’t see our planet as a nice place? What if it were actually a bitter hellhole where all life is a struggle? Perhaps that would explain how our species evolved to be so uncaring and vicious. Babies come into the world  as highly adaptable creatures that can become accustomed to any reality. If raised in a stable home then they often expect life to be a lot better than it really is.

Most of how their future advertised to them is fake. Little do they know they have two choices. Be real and have everyone harass and isolate  you or join the masses and live a fake life pretending to be like everyone else. Life is not cosy and happy most of the time as they are born into bodies with many vulnerabilities. Also the body they’re born into is full of feral drives to eat the flesh of other creatures and many other drives and wants that are not healthy such as to rape.

Maybe life isn’t the fairy tale it’s supposed to be, not because of who we are but because the planet Earth is a dangerous horrid place where no soul with a shred of sense would choose to live in. We’re surrounded at all times by so many things that want to destroy us. Such as lethal near invisible monsters of viruses and bacteria and that’s after we had to overcome the sabre-toothed tigers.

So you grow up in this lethal cesspool of a place and then your brain tries to spend half its time being racist, the rest of the time it has to avoid being corrupted by alcohol and other drugs. Also it must deal with all its sordid sexual thoughts. At the same time it has to avoid all the rich people who are trying to tax and con the person until they are homeless and also try to not get arrested and thrown in a cell.

It’s easy to ruin your entire life; a good life is just that delicate. If you actually get lucky and manage to live a good life then you weaken and die of old age, maybe get malignant cancer, maybe you’ll get that as a child, who knows?

I’m not saying we live in Hell, science tells us that this is just the way life turned out. However if you were to construct a planet with the aim in mind to make into a torture planet to mess with the heads of a lot of nice people, then you couldn’t do much of a better job than planet Earth.

Some people enjoy life a lot, usually by solving many of life’s struggles by enslaving those around them with money. Or as in the past just with force alone. If everyone were openly struggling against the planet and its biology then we would at least have camaraderie. Yet on Earth the idea is to just impotently envy others or enslave, con and steal from them. That’s a much better mindfuck than everyone being in the same state of suffering.

We need to band together if we truly are in such a hellhole. A hellhole that looks amazing, double the mindfuck. Yet we don’t band together for it seems we are genetically designed not to like nor care for different groups of people.

Religion seems to be the best coping strategy for living on Earth. When you think about it most religions are all about escaping Earth. Even if they’re not very accurate people appear to prefer being religious to being scientific, I guess because science doesn’t benefit them very much at all.

One of the only cheerful things that ever comes out of science is medicine and even great medicine when fit into the ecosystem of Earth is used as a tool to reap your wealth away from you. Everybody shouldn’t apparently receive great healthcare because it’s not profitable, that’s hellhole thinking alright.

Humans, one of the species resilient and adaptable enough to thrive in a hellhole like Earth may just end up overpopulating the planet and making all our progress in technology amount to a future where nobody is happy because they can’t even procreate and can’t move for other people in their way and where, due to their numbers each person’s value is less.

All that work through History and that’s the best we can do, because life isn’t easy here. Probably because we live in an incredibly harsh environment. It’s basically rocket science difficulty trying to get yourself into a fit shape that you love your entire life. Earth is an unfair place for everyone. Maybe this entire universe is for all we know.

Religion has gotten in the way of us being openly able to understand why we live here. Though it is not without great value. Before the breakthroughs in modern science we didn’t stand much chance of understanding anything so why not be religious? Anything’s better than thinking you’re a conscious robot who lives in a hellhole and that’s all there is.

Islam for example is a well thought out religion. It is designed to get people to survive life here. It does this by uniting a community around the place of worship. Interest on debts is illegal so in order to start new things the place of worship gives interest free loans. Any time someone wants to think for themselves it’s time to pray to an almighty God so that thinking is curtailed and their independent thought with it. It’s designed for life, life here.

Apparently though, despite being happier than atheists the flaw in Islam is it didn’t focus on developing technology because the emphasis is on being devout, with early age brainwashing and repeated prayers. Then you get to modern day and the people who aren’t Muslim have developed technology so much they can walk into your back yard, take anything they want from it such as oil and maybe nuke the entire place after. Science is stronger than faith.

It’s stronger because it actually works. It’s technology that adheres to the laws of thermodynamics and is the bonus of having to struggle to survive. Perhaps the planet is becoming so highly developed simply because Earth is a shithole. If we were born onto some planet were the fruits were as tasty as the meat and there was no viruses and cancers then we would still be relaxing in that paradise. Maybe aliens have had better fortune in their home planet and never bothered making much technology besides what seemed fun.

Maybe we chose to be born as humans on Earth for the understanding that science and technology brings. Despite what it does to us maybe we come here for that jewel to be created. For only in a harsh competitive environment can it be made strong. Earth may be a lot like a form of hell yet the reason for it could be not to punish and warp but to bring into the universe the benefits of having to grow up here. What that may be who knows? Though we are likely set to progress faster in this place than on some nice planet. If there is anything to this universe at all other than being an automatic robot then the meaning of life is what we learn and create after being thrown into hell.

Eric Dawson 2nd/July/2016


The Self, Society and the Soul

I read all my writings and find they are quite hard to read and probably to understand also. Many are just plain rants. So I tried to abbreviate all of it into one work. It is available in audio also via this link

1. The Self

So the world seems doomed. What if though it wasn’t? We percieve it with the eyes of our minds and judge it with our emotions. When I say the eyes of our minds I mean that we don’t take it at face value. What is one brief look at a situation? It’s only a small glance. To be able to understand what you saw in one brief glance can take lifetimes.
We rely on our senses to take in what is around us so that we can understand it. Though the more you work on learning to understand more of what you see the more you can see. We as a part of this Universe need to also be able to cope and function inside it so we really see very little and are able to comprehend with our minds very little of what we see and feel.
If i were to tell you that you and everything around you is so amazing and so awe inspiring that it would leave you in a constant state of astonishment would you believe me? Well it is and you can see that too. It’s just a matter of learning to think outside your normal patterns of thought for a while.
If you were to look at any room on planet Earth for example, even the most basic room then there is awe and wonder there and you, as the most intelligent thing in that room are tuned out so that you don’t notice it. Why? Because you need to survive the room so cannot be distracted.
For a start the room is moving through space at a fast rate as it orbits the sun.  The entire room is moving, inside the movement all the things in the air things are moving too. Each breath drawn in and out sends many many air particles off on new courses around the room and around the world.
The air is also full of signals and data being sent, awash with images and sounds you cannot even see. Similarly you can’t see the lives of all the tiny insects and bacteria that live there, leading full lives. The fabric of the room is also hard to see, trillions of variations, compositions and textures all in the shape of one boring room.
Then there’s the History of the entire room, what happened to each bit of it to make it there to become part of a boring room. If there is metal in the room, it was once under the earth in a rock and people came and dug it up , bringing it to the surface and refining the metals until it was formed into a part of the room.
In order for there to be metal in the room many breakthroughs in mining technology had to be reached. Which in turn relied upon breakthroughs in farming, to feed the workers and the economy to make the workers want to mine.  Wars had to be fought in order for the miners to be free to work.
Everything in the room all has a shared History that relied on what really happened on Earth to have happened the way it did. Likewise it all relied on the History of the entire Universe to have happened smoothly and exactly the way it did. Everything effects and relies upon everything else and so do you.
A person in a room has a mind to perceive the room and an identity as a member of the Universe the room is a part of. Everything inside them relied on countless years of natural selection, very many births, lives and deaths make up their history. They are creatures who have evolved all the abilities they need to be able to change things based on thought rather than random trial and error.
All that has a History too, anything made with technology in the room has a history that goes back to the first stone handaxe made. But say the person in the boring room didn’t make the room themselves and they don’t care what did. Just to do that their evolved body is sending masses of information back and forth inside.
Each word, thought and the ability to remember the word goes right back to the first person to understand the meaning of the word and the first memory retention ability formed on Earth. As much as we feel we are alone we are in fact deeply interconnected with everything that ever there was and everything that ever there will be.
Like ‘The Butterfly Effect’ thinking where each beat of a butterfly’s wing could spread out into a storm on the other side of the world. The same way, every single thing that happens to the person and that the person does spreads out and is connected with the History of everything that is in the Universe. The difference being is that the person can choose what to do. They have a willpower and information that helps them choose how to act.

But what if that information is not clear, then they don’t know how to act properly so they resort back to trial and error to satisfy any needs or wants they have. If they find something that works then they’ll stick to it until it doesn’t. Which is a pretty good explanation of all of human History. It just happened the way it did because it was the best idea at the time.
Our History is a horrid mess of war against each other and against other species such as viruses. Any security to stop and think is relatively new to us. We have mostly either been lost in prayer for a better day or working for a better day. Survival here is cut-throat and desperate for wild animals. We live in the same state yet we have each other to help us survive and so forget about the risks.
We have the first major safe breathing room and the first set of scientific facts to try to understand within that breathing room. Everything has been so busy just trying to get us to a point where we had time to relax around a campfire at night and share ideas. It still is busy, just to maintain what we have takes a lot of work. We work so we don’t have to feel the reality that life is cut-throat and desperate, that we could die of thirst after a couple of days without clean drinking water.
What better to do with this earned opportunity than to use it to assess what blind trial and error lead us to. Then to use it as a guideline to start to do what we really want to do and have always wanted to do. To turn Earth into a paradise without true nightmares for our young to grow up in safely and learn to enjoy.
People use the term ‘survival of the fittest’ and many people think this is the only path to follow because that’s all that ever has happened here. A successful changes in a species’ genes help them survive so that their offspring may survive whilst other species die out. Of course that’s a sensible course of action though the term ‘survival of the fittest’ is misleading.
Say if I thought I was the fittest i went and killed everybody else apart from a herd of cows and a childbearing woman. My genes would certainly then be called the fittest because they were the only ones left, apart from the cows of course who would outnumber humans and be the dominant species on Earth.
My offspring would end up interbred and insane. We basically wouldn’t survive without the support of many. If you are overly concerned with your genetics then think how did you take ownership of your genetics? One day you will die and your children may live on thanks to your desire to have sex. Though really the genes you own are the property of everything that came before them to make them. They are the universe’s not yours’.
All the ecosystem of Earth relies on each other for survival. Like we rely on grass growing to feed the cows. The grass relies on bacteria and worms and fertilizer. Everything in our Eco-system in some way relies on each other for survival. Only the fittest ecosystem is what becomes of survival of the fittest.
Considering that we ourselves have so far survived to be here after all the many things that came together to make us. Then we should not see ourselves as a mistake or a part of something negative. Not when we have this pause for thought. We are not really to blame for what we do when we don’t know any better and neither is the species.
Humans have limited perceptions of what we see and understand. We mostly focus on the worst parts of it too. We don’t hold dear memories of most of our life which was spent just doing everyday things. If you ignore all the bad memories and the good memories then most of your life was spent safely just living. Something amazing that we find so boring.
Likewise it was the same for most of the lives ever on Earth. Despite whatever grizzly deaths each life may have met the vastly predominant way of life has mostly been just living day to day and doing normal human, animal or insect type things. If they showed on the News all of the lives that went safely that day, then each day’s News would be so long nobody could ever take it all in. So most of life is at peace and always has been.
History and all the hard lives lead in it is only a recent thing when you consider how long the Universe has been moving around before there ever was a homosapien born. Before we turned to farming we were tribal and hunter-gatherers for most of the History of mankind. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. Yet we often feel negatively about our species after all the technology we made and what we put each other through to make it.
We give ourselves too much credit. The history of humans and the present state of humans can be a very bitter truth to swallow. Some of us have been monstrous to others for no reason at all.  Humans are born not knowing, are born ignorant. We adapt to any status quo so well because we are very good at accepting things for how they are.
We have the ability to adapt to any ideas we need to and since nobody has ever had all the right ideas. So people accept and adapt to the wrong ideas which could lead to anything, often horror and bloodshed.
The world is not how most of us want it to be which is not our fault it just happened that way and mistakes were made. Which is not to say the world could never become what we want it to be. As new lessons are being learned. It may all end up OK and this future we have made so far is not the pinnacle of it, just a traumatic time leading up to a better life.

Our opinions of the same occurrences on this planet in this universe differ greatly depending on who we are. Though at the end of the day each second happens only one way atomically so it has only one truth to it. A truth that might take us lifetimes to understand.  For understanding life is in itself a process.
We are not born automatically able to understand things let alone the meaning of the world and its events. Thankfully even if we live in a mentally restrictive society we can still think whatever we want to inside.  Though how free do you allow yourself to be in your mind? Thinking is a great adventure with many pitfalls.
Thinking about the world and its problems can make you very depressed even if it was all not your fault. If we take our heads out of the drama we can see that there are people suffering here. Everybody who isn’t happy and safe is suffering, if only from depression. There is little value in mourning the negative, the negative should be used only as a way to learn how to make things positive.
If we don’t like something then we need to understand why we don’t.  Many things upset us which are not actually an issue. Like homosexual people being a part of the species. Some people get wound up all their lives about that. But why? Well, someone called Leviticus wrote in a book once that they didn’t like the idea. Because most aren’t homosexual they went along with what was written. Then everyone lost the great value of having openly homosexual friends. Which are an essential part of a human tribe and make life easier for the heterosexual couples.
Our freedom of thought allows us to think our way straight into corruption and idiocy. It can lead us to make great mistakes and commit horrible acts. It can also make us very ill. Where we really need to begin our thoughts is to bring ourselves to the present moment and know that we may be wrong about something. It’s statistically more likely we are wrong about things than right as there are many guesses to only one truth. So let’s admit we could be wrong about everything we know.
To ‘know that we know nothing’ is a way of driving down our egos from thinking our first assumption to something may not actually be accurate. To know that you know nothing is known as the first step on the path to enlightenment and was thought of by Socrates. If you think in this way always then you are always open to being corrected if a better explanation comes along.
For to never be able to change your mind after having made a decision upon something makes you closed off from getting any nearer to the truth of events. You have decided and may be wrong. The essence of the issue being that to be able to rethink matters makes you a lot more intelligent. It also allows you to be able to discuss any matter without freaking out. It is mental leeway and only comes after you know that you know nothing.
If you are free to change your mind you have basically given yourself the freedom to think. You have allowed yourself to change your mind on anything you think you know. You are free to choose how you perceive yourself and the world and the heavens. But the ego will creep in again.
All we really hold of value within ourselves and for ourselves is the honesty we hold inside ourselves. Only we know what we really saw and felt each day. With life being complex and hard in current times it is easy to let a few lies to yourself slip in. Many people’s internal world is one of self-loathing or defending their inner voice from a constant internal feed of negativity. Whilst others big-up themselves internally all the time just to cope with being downgraded in life.
What we need to be is honest about ourselves and to ourselves about everything. What harm could it do? We need to realize we are a part of something much bigger where every life is equal. Internal honesty is a good start to any healthy thought process because when you can trust yourself inside without lying to yourself then you have a much more mental accuracy hence a greater chance of making better decisions.

Who do you blame for the problems you see honestly in your life is an important thing to think about. You can blame nasty people for giving you problems, or blame the drug-dealers or upbringing that made them grow to be nasty to you. You can blame your parents for dragging you into this world. You can blame God for not making life easy. You can blame yourself for your failings.
Really the blame game could go on forever and that is what makes the depressed so suicidal. They think they’ve been done wrong and are trapped in that state, wanting to die to get out of it. As long as you blame outside forces for the state you are in, even if they deserve the blame. Then you are not taking responsibility for yourself.
It’s scary to take responsibility for yourself. It’s always easier to think everything is something else’s mistake, even you. The fact is, you’re here you’re you. You’re as confused as the rest of us deep down and that is OK. Life isn’t ideal for many of us, even if we’re spoilt by riches it can still turn a person into a person they don’t want to be. We must accept who we are but do it in a non-fatalistic way. People do change, just many don’t want to try to.
Our freedom of thought and honesty of thought allows us to be able to change our minds, we can even change parts of ourselves. Though such processes take baby steps, many tiny steps towards a change in the self are needed before anything will change inside you, because you are telling your brain what you want and it adapts eventually in response to your continued willpower to try learn how to be that way if it is possible.
There are three steps to solving any problem. The first is admitting you have a problem which takes a lot of self-honesty, self-forgiveness and understanding. It is the hardest part of solving any problem. The second part of solving a problem is to figure out what to do about the problem. A step which requires great bravery and deep thought.
It is easy to come across great problems when thinking internally, what if you find you have some form of mental illness? Finding you have a neuroses or two is quite normal.  Thinking is hard work. Some develop irrational phobias about anything and everything that control their lives. Others obsess and worry about everything. Being revolted by germs for example and avoiding touching things or being terrified you left the stove on all night long and keeping having to check it.
You can become obsessed with food or your weight. The Ancient Greeks noted many many common irrational neuroses that minds still fall into as we as modern people have similar minds. The third step to solving a problem is to actually invoke the plan and do it. With baby steps many changes are possible within one’s internal world, we are more versatile than we think.
Of course some mental problems are more medical problems that cause mental problems. Schizophrenics genetically seem to give out too many brain chemicals which can cause all sorts of problems such as anxiety, hallucinations and psychosis. The problems go away when blockers are put on the brain cells to stop the chemicals getting in, as it is with anti-psychotic medication.
Many of us feel anxious such as when we are so stressed by our lives that the para-sympathetic nervous response kicks in and we have a panic/anxiety attack, the fight or flight response. Is that really insanity though? If we don’t feel them when we’re alone and at peace then they are a genuine response to a real situation.
However inconvenient it is the sub-conscious brain decides it’s time to leave and puts you through hell just to get out of that situation. Why does it do it? Because it can pick up on the fact that modern society is not quite right in the head and it is scary. It’s not what we’re used to genetically either, we’re used to the great outdoors and tribes not concrete jungles and solitude.
If you have ever found a trace of mental illness in yourself or some highly negative unwarranted thoughts. Then others are likely to have them too.  Those others may be reveling in them though we can’t make the world sane, just ourselves. That is our power and our freedom.
We are all our own worst enemy. When you accept responsibility for yourself then you can admit that. What we fear normally controls us more than we do ourselves. A nightmare dreamt is a realization of that. We are even running in our dreams. We run until we become confident and with enough self-esteem to turn and face all that we fear and face it down.
For what is there to fear? If we die we go whatever way trillions of people already have and perhaps either get reborn or go to some form of afterlife or are merely turned off and don’t have anything to worry about because we have no ability to worry any more. Monsters don’t live here apart from a few big animals and people don’t often need to fear them. The greatest monsters on Earth are viruses and bacteria and they don’t bear ill will, they just want to survive.
The closest thing we get to our nightmares are people who are lost in their heads attacking you for no reason. Because they’re so lost in their heads they like to. We fear going deeper into suffering from being attacked, though that fear is just there to remind you life is not safe, which it is not. But if you already know that then why do you need the fear to tell you that? Because it is better at controlling you than you are, it doesn’t trust your ability to be careful.
To be the master of your mind you need to face your internal fears down. To face your fear down successfully you can grow in strength and confidence. You can have the self-esteem that comes from being in control of yourself and not simply running from existence.

2. The Society

The past of course has already happened. All of the entire history of everything here came to make the history of the world and of people. It has left us in a strange status quo which was inevitable. We grow up in this status quo with imaginary borders all around the world which people have long fought for. It used to be their favorite game.
Also many religions have sprouted up trying to put answers to unanswerable questions at that time. Questions which people would have had to wonder about for their entire lives. Then money was in the mix too and so we’re brought into this universe as children surrounded by a huge information wall of inaccuracies and false advertising.
We grow up thinking a piece of cloth such as a flag is worth dying for. We grow up thinking foreigners are as different to us as aliens. We really see a difference between France and Germany because of this, as an example.  We see it vividly and feel the real difference between France and Germany, however they are the same land mass.
Our history has raised us to be racist basically. It has raised us to think other people are so different that they are a almost a different species. Yet if the French and Germans lived as one country, if the whole world did then how could we hate our own countrymen? Well we could not like them but what I’m trying to say is that we are all the same species and resident on the same planet.
Even if we were not the same species there is no reason to hate someone else just because they are different. Yet we are raised to do just that. Because history was such a mess of war and battles for money, we need our borders. We will need our borders for as long as we keep the ability to become a developed country to ourselves.
People raised hating others don’t naturally want to share with those from a poorer foreign country. If those people in the poorer country can’t afford the items in the rich country then they’re supposed to stay out in the cold. Just as the poor who live in the rich country are supposed to do.
We’re raised in the status quo to think that this is normal healthy behavior for us as a species. To basically hate our fellow man is considered normal, just as long as there’s a difference in accent or just a difference in clothes or hairstyle even. We were not born thinking that way we learned it.
We’re raised to think we were born in one country and therefore are a citizen of that country and owe it taxes and must pay its debts. We may also be born into a family that teaches us to be Muslim, Catholic or any of the religions available today. Which adds a lot more nonsense to what we’re taught to understand as life.
People grow up naturally accepting whatever state life is in at the time as normal and the status quo. This society makes people highly susceptible to manipulation to not even have a sane common-sense start to their lives but one of pure insane nonsense. People do use the shared madness to manipulate each one of us. The rich families basically want to stay rich so they organize society so that to speak out against the madness is considered madness. We are all raised to respect the rich as the leaders of society and not rock the boat of an already precarious seeming status quo where all our lives seem to always be on the line.
Exploitation is natural it seems as all species exploit any chances they get to eat food or gain territory. Humans as tame animals are just the same. Which is why it is important to have a frame of mind where you are not easily manipulated. For that you need to take your head out of all the brainwashing of life and see the facts of humanity for what they are. By doing that we can seal such holes in our armor that leave us vulnerable to exploitation and manipulation.

Currently most people have no clarity of thought and are totally sold to the dogma they are fed and they will even fight you for it, because they’re in so deep they can’t admit that they might be wrong, to fight you or argue with you for talking sense is easier. They fight for the sanity of the dollar. That is all we have left of hope, how sad.
In the pursuit of money we have lost who we are and who we could become. If the global monetary system recirculated financial digits then it would actually work. What actually happens is most of the successful exploit it to become richer and richer so that digits go to waste collected in their bank accounts.
It also puts a price on your life. How much are you worth to keep alive? If you can’t find work then you are probably worth very little. If you get sick and need help then few are likely to give that help. In a totally financial society all are ultimately given a pricetag and are shunned if that price isn’t much.
This is what history has lead us to. Wherever you are born you are priced and left to either survive or starve. This is survival of the fittest in action and you can see how it has twisted who we are as the leaders of all life on Earth. Each other, our tribe is now our competitor in the great game of working for money. The greatest tribe ever has become totally divided.
There’s no real goal in life any more other than to become rich. People choose money over family and soldiers take pay to do any act. The inventions of technology make it all worse, with less work needing to be done to satisfy our basic needs less people are getting paid for that work and the ranks of the homeless are forever swelled.
Money isn’t the worst idea we could have come up with. At least it keeps things moving and most of us fed. Though unemployment is like death so the pinnacle of evolution ends up as a drug fueled party with the poor knocking at the gate, wanting to get in. We’re trapped like that unless we accept who we really are and design society around that instead.
We need to start to comprehend that the rich are not our divine rulers. Most of them are scammers for goodness sakes. Just because they are excellent at making money does not mean we should worship them for as long as we do we put ourselves in a lower, subordinate position.
What if the money didn’t really exist? Then all would be deemed equal. Which is what we really are, just differently skilled. Putting a pricetag on your equals is where we give up any true progress in our emotional and mental evolution. We have sold our future, we have sold our evolution and our hearts.
The problem is money alone doesn’t match who we are as a species for the best possible future. Money in itself needs to be regulated. Basic common sense tells us that if we make a machine to take the work of many we should make sure the many defunct workers can still survive a life.
Those on the bottom of the competition between equals should be given buying power basically. If we really must continue with the idea of cash for a life then there should be a safety net for those left with none. Because what do you get if there is nothing to fall back on? Each one of us could end up homeless and starving, selling our bodies for a sniff of drugs just to cope with it.
Otherwise at every party in the future there will need to be locked doors and armed guards just to keep the poor out. Whilst the partygoers inside need to close off the love in their hearts for anyone not fortunate. That’s the future of humanity and survival here. The best our combined wisdom and armies could do.
The only other solution is to regulate finances. We don’t want to penalize the rich for being successful, that would take away everyone’s life goals of becoming rich. Yet they’re money making addicts who will cut down anyone who tries to stop that. Why don’t we give them a greater purpose to becoming rich? Why don’t we force them to do something worthwhile with their extra cash?
The population of Earth has a whole list of things that need to be done. Some countries don’t even have proper plumbing yet. This love we have of hiding wealth from each other by out-earning them leaves most parts of the world not worth living in. Until the entire world becomes a set of drug fueled parties with locks on the doors.
The best way out of it that I can see is to list every job that needs doing and put laws on how much can be put into savings each year by any businessman. Then force them to spend the extra they make on saving the world basically. Maybe it would make them happy to work for a better world rather than just their bank account. The fact is there needs to be a laws on money that accept base human nature for what it is and produce the best result for all life here out of that knowledge.
For only when each country is nice to live in for all will we ever have any peace and be free to walk our planet unharrased and unmolested. Simply selling out because we can’t think of a better idea actually makes the planet full of places the rich cannot go. Places where humans drag other humans through hell for the idea of money.
When each of us gives up on any better ideas and sells their life to money then they are also buying into the ways which money corrupts. They’re buying into all of it. Such as the idea doctors should refuse treatment to the sick if the sick are poor. They’re buying into the idea that third-world countries should stay third world countries. They’re buying into crack and heroin dealing because they’re just business ideas. All has been made fair play as long as produces a profit.
Though where really is the profit? To have a world you can’t walk and find friends in. To die outside a doctor’s surgery? Not regulating money leaves us with a crappy future where all is not wholesome. Where nobody is happy and all are alone when surrounded by a crowd. It’s just simply not worth the price. The leaders of the Eco-system should be more for the betterment of life not just to make it a battle between all life.
Our laws need to reflect who we are as a species and reflect both the positive and negative strengths of us with the actual result of those laws being directed towards the happiness of all. Making a profit out of curing illness is a good example of how we ended up so twisted. In order for the doctors to gain a good life out of becoming doctors they must let people suffer and die of simple illnesses? How was that a sensible idea?
It’s like our criminal justice systems. They’re very dated and ineffective at fighting crime. Throwing people in cells to spank their bottoms for becoming corrupt and doing negative things, it doesn’t stop the trauma they caused or teach them not to be corrupt. At the end of the day we need to learn to accept other people as people too. Criminals are human beings too. They know what went wrong with their lives and so they know how to prevent crime in others. That should be how we use them, rather than just traumatizing them into having to live out their life in a cell.
Our laws and the implementation of them are very dated and naive. If the idea is to stop crime from happening in the first place then they are as good as useless. In a world of sell outs there really is no reason to follow the lighter course of life. One may as well declare themselves a wolf and the rest of their species sheep and keep on killing and stealing their wool. We should reorganize society so that being nice and good is actually beneficial. This would be beneficial to all.
Which is how society should be structured, with the benefit of all in mind. With a future for all and of course a safety net of having a base value of being a human which isn’t fighting for your stuff in a back alley but of having a secure healthy life to fall back on if your business fails and some buying power to spend in that safety net. We need to bring in laws that give the safety net and spend our spare cash on renovating our own country and other countries to a healthy standard of living so that we do not need borders or locks on the doors of every party. So that it is possible to be happy without drugs because the world is a good place to be born into. To prevent crime and also to take away the need for it so that our streets are safe to walk and developments in technology do not make life worse for all but better.

3. The Soul
There’s a million different theories and ways to explain life as we know it. Spending your life begging a supreme being for everything is deemed normal and healthy. Though what if there is a supreme God and they don’t have any ability to help us? They would be trapped impotently watching us rape each other and tear each other apart.
It must be horrific to be an omnipotent creature. Despite all the boring everyday peaceful things that happen there must be much trauma to witness if you could witness the life of everything on sell out planet Earth.
Whatever God really is then they likely make sense as everything here appears to make sense. Magic seems to be something you have to do with technology. Basically all the fancy explanations of life cannot get past the fact that if you imagined 2+2=5 your fantasy never will come true because 2+2=4.

All life here may have a soul it may not. Souls don’t make financial sense so they are often discounted as a magical idea. That doesn’t have to be the end of the explanation of existence though. When energy leaves a body it’s not easy to get that energy to come back. If we have no soul then there really is no point as we are basically a bunch of automatic robots without even basic humane rights to our lives.
The life of a creature who does not procreate is basically a waste in that realm of thought. Though if they did have children their offspring would always have to procreate or their entire bloodline was a waste of time. The world is heading to crap without some changes in our structure so it’s unlikely your children’s children would be able to afford a Coca Cola just to stop themselves from dying of thirst. There’s no point in going on.
If it does require some sort of soul energy in order to make a life then that soul energy must be a part of this universe where nothing can be destroyed, it can only change forms. Everything is still here from the start of the Big Bang. Just in a different form. It would be the same for any soul energy. For time is only movement inside an eternal cause and effect universe. When a body dies their energy must change forms. We do not know enough to accurately say into what.
Being the soul of a human, if such a thing exists, then it must be pretty bad to be locked into a future and present where everything is for sale for money we cannot take beyond the grave. The time for reorganization of the species to make it worth living is soon. We must give our lives meaning because the meaning of life at the moment is it sucks and then you die.

Eric Dawson 20th/June/2016

Globalization Crowd Funding

As noted several times in my writings I’m pretty sure that if we just decided to save the world then we could. Though we don’t want to because, ‘someone’s got to pay for it all’. Which is fair enough as any such grand project needs the support of the species to make it work and their labor for which they like tokens of money in return so they can pay their rent and bills.

So instead we all sit here like wankers when we could be sharing technological ideas and helping each other all come to the same standard of living across the world. If we continue our current course of building stronger borders between us and poor people who live in shitholes then it will breed ill-will and an unhappy global population of human idiots who are all fighting to live in the countries with nice plumbing and fast wifi.

So how to pay for it all? What if me or someone made a site for globalization crowd-funding, with the aim being to help anyone in a non war-torn country help themselves to make it a country that is great to live in. Maybe one day we will want to move there too. You could have a site like Kickstarter where communities in deprived non war-torn areas around the world could list their projects they need doing.

For example, say a village in Africa were to want a well dug and plumbing in all the shacks for going to the toilet. They could list the job on the Globalization Crowd Funding site with all the expenses listed such as training from someone they import to be foreman for a while, all the necessary materials and diggers but also with funding for the Globalization Crowd Funding representative who would basically ensure that the whole claim for money pledges was legit and none of it was to be embezzled. Also they could pay themselves a wage even for working on their own land, who knows. Then people all over the world who could afford it could pledge money and see what they’re actually giving to and the result of it as listed on the website. 

This would be superior than giving to some random charity where you don’t know what happens to the piles and piles of cash in the chains of paid administrators. Also the business fee of running the website would be just server costs and respectable people could make a living off it just by checking the projects are legitimate. Also there would be a lot of training promoted by the site if they put in the budget for a trained plumbing teacher or two to come over. So knowledge would be shared, machinery would make its way into areas where it is in need which can be even more valuable. Not to mention the boom in industry activity which will help the economy.

Would people give? They already do with Kickstarter, so who knows; that’s just a site for people with creative ideas to get free money.


Eric Dawson 03/June/2016

p.s. I don’t really want to run it myself as I’m a mental health patient.

Of Those We Do Not Care

As noted too many times in my writings, our current society is insane. We grow up in an unhealthy atmosphere and naturally become twisted by it. It’s not like that by design so much as just being the way things went.
A good example of this is the modern prison and policing system. The idea is to catch the bad people who have committed grievous malicious acts and lock them away as punishment so they don’t have the freedom to do whatever they want without a line being drawn. The issue being people are fighting fire with fire when the fire could have been snuffed a long time ago.
The procedures of our laws are very basic and are not built on sound logical and wise practices. So prisons just end up being a very weird alternate way of living for those caught in them. One that is so much of a mindfuck they put down their mental roots there as they live out their time. You stay anywhere long enough it will become home. Then being sent out again afterwards all of a sudden you’re alone, you have nobody cooking for you, it’s safer but would freak anyone out to come from prison life to a modern society that is so complex. The time spent with so many villainous friends just cements, I assume, the need to go back to where things made sense and to commit crimes until being put back there.

That’s how it is. How it should be is that the police officers catch the criminal before the crime is committed and instead of lock them up with a bunch of other people with like minds and life experiences, instead they should give them a reason not to be a villainous scumbag.
How do you do that though? It’s quite simple, ask the criminals in prisons what went wrong in their lives that lead them to harden and commit inhumane acts and then take all that information and use it to target people in the same situations and giving them what can be decided by the convicted criminal and the psychologists as a way to prevent a downfall in their lives where they end up in prison.
It’s basically about coming to a point where we say other people are people too. I have written before about how all life is prison in a manner of speaking. Any place where you are forced to be and that is not a good place to be is a prison. The crimes people commit every day over and over all across the world makes the entire surface of Earth more and more of a prison to all of us. We’re sorted into our borders and inside our borders we’re scared into not walking in certain places and doing certain things. It violates our freedom and turns our lives into more elaborate jail cells just to have so much crime in society to have to avoid.
To be safe from attack from everyone around the planet would be quite liberating. Zero tolerance policing does help lower crime in some areas however it mostly fills up jail cells to perpetuate the problem in the future and to fuck the minds of the people in the cells. The main problem being the woodbe criminal hopes they’ll get away with their crimes so they do them anyway. However committing acts against their base humanity often fueled by drugs really damages a person in a bad way so that they may not feel free to be a good person ever again. They cannot forgive themselves.
We will never have true freedom until all streets are safe and are free to walk un-harrased and unmolested. Only then will the world be our oyster. Take for example a gated community who put a locked fence around their neighborhood in order to keep the criminals out and give their kids the safety to play without bad influences. They’re just in a fancy cell they made themselves out of necessity and they try to be as free as they can and make their home-made prison not a prison by making it a good place to be.
Albeit a larger cell than just locking their doors and windows they’re still in a prison and not free. A state of imprisonment we all share to some degree. The problem isn’t caused by the justice system but the behavior of punishing people by just moving them into a smaller cell isn’t helping the situation at all.
To get revenge for crimes in this way is a very basic emotional thought process. For all the areas you fear to walk because of the reality you’ll get totally traumatized in some way; well those places kids grow up in and adapt and learn to live in. Those kids normally don’t grow up with all the things they want or need and their prospects are at best working a nasty brutal minimum wage job. Other people grow up being nurtured and spoilt and try not to care about those other kids. That lack of basic humanity we have for the suffering of others within our own countries rebounds on us in having to fear and avoid being traumatized by crime. The fast for-profit way we have lived our lives for some time inevitably causes problems which are avoidable.
When you think of society as a heap of people with some at the top then some are always going to be at the bottom. If the truth of it were society was a mass of equal people all in perpetual competition then obviously there will be losers to that competition, many have even lost just because of where they were born, that’s just how warped our society is. It’s literally an unpolicable society. Zero tolerance policing would only truly work if anyone who committed a crime was immediately executed or had zero chance of getting away with the crime, yet even then that’s just a way of imprisoning the losers of competition into suffering their shitty life without being able to ever lash out. At the same time if the laws are not as perfect as they can possibly be (something that’s quite important to get right 24/7 365) then the police officers just end up imprisoning everyone from living free lives whilst they want to do the opposite.

It will just get worse and worse in one way or another. For our leaders their rich man’s prison is not worth leaving I guess or one or two of them might actually think about things for more than a few minutes whilst the prison bars strengthen throughout all society day by day.

Eric W Dawson 25/May/2016

World Oil Crisis = Solved

So I watched a TV show called Mythbusters, 2016 season episode 7. Where they attempted to power a rocket with gummy bears (jelly babies in the UK), basically sweets/candy. They also tried dried dog poop. At first the rockets didn’t fire until they sent them to a factory to be made into a hard stick of a rocket motor which was basically a mix of the candy and necessary accelerants, the same with the one using dog poop as fuel. 

Surprisingly both the rockets fired well and though they didn’t reach the same height as the standard rocket fuel tests, they fared very well!

So how to fuel a car on such a resource? Well my father had the most elegant solution, make an electric car with batteries and have under the hood a generator that could be fueled with pellets of the candy+accelerant mix or dog poop+accelerant mix or a mix of something similar.

The batteries could start the car and also fire and extinguish the generator as and when more power was needed for the batteries. With the added breakthroughs in using braking forces to add extra power as in the Prius vehicle this would be a viable and renewable way to power all the vehicles of tomorrow : ) <3.


Eric.W.Dawson 8th/May/2016

Heaven and Hell

Your mind is a witness. It not only takes in all the data it can but it stores it and grows to learn to understand it. Being wise for me is a matter of actually getting near to accomplishing that understanding. To be not a pinball that gets bounced around one cause and effect but a fully conscious pinball that feels every flip and bounce and knows why it happened. I guess a truly wise being would be one capable of stopping and moving in the right direction. Though if the forces that surround it are all forcing it in the wrong direction the pinball will know why.

I have worked a great deal on learning to understand what I witness. It’s worth it to understand though it is not fun to. We are born ignorant and then surrounded with an information wall of utter bullshit in our formative years which takes years to think and feel your way out of until you can simply witness life again with clarity.

There is so much to see. If you take into account everything happening right now there is such awe and wonder, vast movement of matter and energy. Lives being lived to all extremes. Stars erupting overhead as the air hums with the thickness of chemicals, signals, life and light. The earth grows and reforms as all the souls attracted to it struggle with one another to survive. Bursting forth with the wonders of technology at a relative speed of growth faster than anything imagined in the big picture. With so many lives with such a back story to the cause and effect that the mere energy and matter on Earth is starting to learn some focus so that when something is envisioned the knowledge of trial and error we share makes what we dream of possible.

To be a part of that life is a hard struggle. Life is inherently unfair, if cause and effect doesn’t go the way you want it to then you’re fucked. Though if everything doesn’t go your way it doesn’t mean you had bad luck. It just meant you witnessed your suffering. We could possibly be the smartest creatures in the universe as humans, we have no evidence that we are not so far. Maybe we’re the cutting edge. What this universe is missing is good and bad, they haven’t been decided upon yet and are not an intrinsic value of the fabric of reality.

What I mean is that what could be considered good for one creature is usually what is considered bad for those around them. As a species we don’t seem to know the difference yet. Is it good that a springbok has a calf and breaths the fresh air, eating the succulent grass? Is it good that the lioness has cubs that survive to roar the great breath of lions across a bored tundra? Or should the springbok be eaten alive trying to protect its young by lions who will age fast and  die, feeding the bacteria? That’s what has come before humanity evolved. All that was good and bad was made by cause and effect  as an ecosystem. That’s where we live currently and how we live currently. Here, what happens happens. The lions keep the springboks in check so the plants can regrow which in turn keeps the springboks alive, evolution, cause and effect, what happens happens. Life sucks then you die.

It’s the lore we live by. Say humanity created a cure for Polio, is that a good or bad thing? There is no good and bad yet. Was is good for us? There’s no good and bad. The polio lifeforms were wiped out, so bad for the polio. There was less suffering from illness and more humans surviving childhood. Is that good because of there being more humans alive? Are humans good? Will some government one day re-release the polio they keep in their vaults to kill off all the humans in another country? Will the pollution made by all the extra humans destroy everything? Will all the extra supporting millions and millions of lifeforms enjoy their lives growing up in a farm to be slaughtered as food? Will the newly surviving humans enjoy their lives with all the extra competition around? Will a government leader survive their childhood to wreak havoc on everything else?

That’s the issue, there is no good and bad. What happens happens. Humanity requires a direction. For that we require there to be a good and a bad, so that we can decide which way to go. Currently we live without and live like animals. What is good for one of us is bad for those around us. If we create new technology it’s good for some people whilst totally shafting the rest. Make a machine to take the workload of many and it’s great for society to know how to create such things and reap the rewards of what it makes and even better for who it makes rich. Yet not everybody is allowed to have what it makes because they cannot afford the easily made item because the machine took their jobs.

We treat each other with the respect we give a savage animal, we are savage animals with only a dumb idea of making better weapons so that at least the progress of western society can survive. It’s the smartest idea we’ve got, to keep making new things. Yet soonish we will create the ultimate thing. The nanofactory which like a replicator in Star Trek will simply create whatever we want out of base elements we feed into it.

Technology is a double-edged sword. The technology of a machete can be used to either feed or kill your family. What would a savage animal do when given a nanofactory? What does a savage animal do when given the power of a God? Western society cannot progress after that. At that time even the dumb idea of progressing forward will be lost. The only progress would be different schematics of ideas to feed into the machine; all of which would have the capability to destroy all life here.

So what really is good and what really is bad? A good dream is good a nightmare is bad. Heaven is good, hell is bad. We live in hell currently. All life is not safe nor secure World War III could be just around the corner and just some simple technology could eradicate all life on Earth and perhaps all progress, all the cause and effect learned by DNA and by thought could be lost in a heartbeat. All the future could simply be a continuation of our macabre struggle to survive by eating each other alive. A dark future which would be a natural progression of our dark past. That is what happens when you give savage animals a nanofactory.

Everyone is all for it. That is what the masses are used to and it’s what they work for and strive for at all times. It is why the light of love is shunned in favor of progression and carnal gains. People are so literally stupid that they would prefer to feed hell on Earth than to stop and feed Heaven on Earth. Wisdom is looked down upon in favor of easy success. Within my lifetime all could be lost because of this.

If the power of the nanofactory reflects who we are so far as the pinnacle of progressive life here, then I imagine it will be used by a few to live forever whilst the rest suffer forever. Nothing could overcome them, why should they give the power to the rest of us? Or even the benefits of the power? They could live forever whilst the rest of us would be a mere inconvenience, having too many babies and spoiling their eternal days.

Humanity with the power of Gods would be a big mess as we follow our roots and return to kings, queens and rulers and after them, everybody else stuck in their games. What would be a better dream than that nightmare? The only thing that could turn our Eden from Hell into Heaven is the concept of Harmony. All life could be in harmony here and we could rest peacefully in the bosom of our powerful machine in a paradise where all the hardest jobs had already been done. All the lives of living hell had already been lived and all that there was left to do was live and be happy in our good dream. For forever if we so wished.

‘What is good for the goose is good for the gander.’ At my first school I was taught the idea of hell is a long table filled with delicious food yet the chopsticks to eat it with were far too long so nobody could eat the delicious food. The idea of heaven was everybody was full of food because they used the chopsticks to feed each other. The insects and plants teach us that there can be such a thing as harmony, ecosystems without living hell nightmares bred inside.
We have paradise at our doorstep and are soon to have the power to stay forever inside and never walk through that door, because we love war, we love to rule others. We hate to pursue peace, good dreams and harmony because therein lies stagnation. We would rather feed other countries scraps from our table than to give them the technology and knowledge to live as  comfortably as some of us currently do. Because why should they have it when we worked for it? Why should they be allowed to become as powerful as we are when some of us could keep reaping the rewards generation after generation?

Being a peace loving vegan hippy is deemed weak. And it is weak, not in concept but in defenses and practicality. So keep the imaginary borders up forever. Forever this side of the fence will be for these people and that side of the fence will be for those people as if they were completely different entities.

Though the way I see it, most people don’t want to be dealing with nightmares. Most people don’t want to progress because what they have is sufficient. Arabic places barely changed for thousands of years because they were OK with the state they were in. The whole world could have ended up like that if it weren’t for the drive of Christian places to keep on and on and on and pain share with each other in the brutal cold.

Yet when is enough enough? When have we had enough children for the planet? When will this shoal of souls be comfortable to stop swimming against each other and start living a good dream that lasts near forever? Simply put: Heaven, our good dream is any time that all people have learned to share.

Eric William Dawson 1st May 2016

Money and Machine

A while ago in England there used to be the ‘Poorhouses’, places where you would go if you couldn’t support yourself. There the poor would do menial hard labor in return for food. They were stuck there as there was nowhere else to go and no living to be made. Slaves to survival.

In modern day, the poor have no work to do and are left to beg donations.  The available work is drying up. Politicians direct our hatred for this towards immigrants. Immigrants, who are people too, are welcome into a society if they work high end jobs like being a doctor. It’s the competition for low skilled jobs that people don’t like. It’s a touchy subject when you are the one needing a low skilled job because you don’t have much money to live on as that is the only work you can get.

People say you need a job to be normal, to fit in. That’s a throwback to recent years, before technology became advanced enough to do the work of many. Back then there was a lot to be done. Ice, for example had to be delivered every day to keep the fridges cool. Just one of many jobs our advancement has taken away the need for. With the introduction of coding and computing we create the need for more work to be done making those. Once created they by their nature do not require a lot of work to run and are used to share information and digitized creations with effortless copying and recreations. Our creations create less work not more. That was the idea for them in the first place.

So what is the grandson of the man who delivered ice going to do for a job? How is he going to “fit in”. In Africa a village gold miner, a part of a team of people working in mud to find gold would likely refuse a gift of a trommel to do all the work for them because the people in the chain of workers wouldn’t have a job any more. So no friends and less happy people.

If the only way for the people around you to survive and love you is to refuse the use of technology then maybe we should break a few machines and have full employment. If everyone wants to be useful and fit in with their jobs and careers there needs to be something for everyone to do.

Those in work regard the poor as “other people”. They paint grins on their faces and try to keep their jobs. Each job is hotly contested. To fit in and be normal is getting rarer. Our advancement as a species has left the most useful thing for some people to do as being able to defend your stuff with a knife in a back alley.

And technology is progressing. Soon there will be very few who fit in and are normal. They’ll have to live amongst the homeless who are all over in sleeping bags under the porch of their second home. People think I’m nuts when I say everybody does not have the plot, society is unhealthy and insane. But how do you justify taking the use of someone away with a machine that somebody else made then telling those people they’re “other people” now?

The world is heading for mass unemployment where the use of technology is denied to those without work so they have to suffer hoping for donations. Yet in the future most of the rich will be unemployable also. So there’ll just be a mass of poor and a few rich all pumping the last few lucky enough to be useful and have work for everything they’ve got because they don’t want to lose their job and chance to get on the rich unemployed side. So all the work will be done by a pressured few and the rest will either be suffering and bored or in luxury and bored. What are we going to do with our time?

Well the mass of poor wont be able to afford to go enjoy many modern delights so bars, clubs and most recreation places will only be full of the rich layabouts, which makes even less work as there wont be a need for so many recreation facilities. That’s bad for the economy because the mass of poor wont be able to buy any new advances in technology the rich will become poorer as they can only sell to each other. That’s the crash that’s happening. Money doesn’t work when technology is involved. And that technology is spreading everywhere. Immigrants didn’t take your job, they just wanted to be somewhere more civilized. The politicians are merely distracting everybody from the problem of money mixed with technology.

It’s making us gradually worse off and the problem will escalate until we all have to be evicted from our homes and sleep in sleeping bags in front of them. A cosmic joke that’s already well in the workings today. A stubborn species that is slow on the uptake. We have two choices: A, to choose to continue headfirst into this path where all the work you put into your child’s education was to leave them unemployed and likely not able to use basic recreation facilities in their dim future. Or B, to start to understand that we are losing our usage as humans for labor and to learn to live without that labor. Perhaps even sharing our recreation and getting to know each other.

The obvious way to fix it would be to give the unemployed an amount of money that made them financially supportive of the society. Which would be similar to Communism, although you could have the freedom to choose what you spent your state money on and the rich could vie for business supremacy. Doing it this way would create lots of jobs and comfort for all with lower crime rates. Most people would feel useless though they will find creativity somewhere, new things will be created and they wont be suffering and starving in the cold.

It’s that or stress each other out all day long as the world goes to shit because we had a good idea and created it and it was good and useful but stigma made us all keep the good stuff away from each other until there was only a few left enjoying it and nobody liked them.

Unemployment, coming to you soon, after that you wont have a say.

Eric Dawson 24th/March/2016