How Can There be Anything at all?

You would expect there to be nothing in existence. They say we flash between existing and not existing though it is not possible to not exist. If you took 0 and add a direction we have a 1 and a zero. We are simply willpower added to nothing to make a direction.

If you have a 0 you have nothing. If you look for the middle point of that zero you have nothing at all. Im totally unsure of the math but looking inwards or outwards creates a value.

Since nothing can be below nothing as that ceases it to exist, all the -1s dissapear. So there is probable positive. Which I guess is what the big bang was. If in all the possibililities there were was a probability to exist then so we pushed for it. The only way to push anything here is with movement.

The way we comprehend time is the movement of brain chemicals and bloods through our bodies. Those movements needed to be made by willpower in order for there to be life here so the fact we are here experiencing this proves the theory that nothing added to a direction in that nothing which is willpower and positive or neutral.
Each red blood cell in you wants to move around your body and produce the effect of time within this fractal art where all is repeated infinitely; the spinning planets too. Because the blood wants to be you. They want movement and deeper development from you and your internal and external movement of atoms and molecules.

Yet ‘no man is an island’. You would be nothing without everything else and that all wants to exist too so together our wills are essential for pushing things around to create time so there is not nothing. If a tree falls in the woods and nothing is there to experience it, it never happened, there was no tree; you imagined it.

So you add the side-effect of intellelect and processing(imagination) all just from the will to move, internally, externally and in the mind. The combination of the will and proccessing and movement has made everything possible. And was what was neccessary for any type of linear time, sense, information and logic or anything really. Forming the universe naturally like a rainbow just happens in certain cicumstances.

If within all the processing power created over time a God has reared their head and made a stable universe then they need us or there would only be God’s will left in it, God would have to do everything for themselves, it’s faster to multitask, faster still to have 2 processors. We don’t really want to be part of God being everything would be too hard for most, we want our own shot at life maybe an equal one will be possible one day as we evolve inside and share our will for a good life for all. Be you God, robot, mammal, insect etc..

Eric W. Dawson 22nd April 2017