You know I’ve recently been very ill from experiementing with meds. Anyway I found some good thoughts there.

the Jewish were probably albino tribesmen who were useless with sunburn and unhappy so moved north to work. The Jews are albino black guys who cares?

The World Trade Center Buildings. Now they were not exactly aerodynamic and they swayed in the wind because if you haven’t noticed aerodynamics and american design don’t mix. So they were basically jenga towers and could have been going to fall down. So hire a movie crew and 2 planes to help with the demolition. Then turn it into foreign land rights. That’s both a good and a bad plan for the average American.

Another one is we reincarnate and end up where we normally lived. Hence all the immmigration.

What if we pumped water back into the arctic and made it taller but still in freeze range. Then the global water levels will go down. I’m sure we could make some awesome pumps.

My best one is the idea for a Global Health Service. The idea is to make hospitals prepackaged and deployable. Basically to design the perfect hospital then find all the governments and charities (OK super rich) and buy the best drug companies if they will sell. So that drugs are made and developed in-house so are no cost.
Then start spreading them gradually around the world around countries with some money who would have to agree to spending some of our taxes on it. Then when the systems and all mountings and sprockets etcetera are working and there is some money that has been generated. Then start moving Global Health System hospitals to places who couldn’t afford the taxes.

We should do this for our species, it will generate work and bring us together in a good way. Also survival as a species of any kind seems to be more important than fighting.

Eric Dawson 29/April/2017