The problem with life and most philosophical thought these days (aside from the people who will accept nothing is real even though 2 poeple can agree it is) is that all scientific works seem to disprove the idea of a soul, an afterlife, a god; everything.
However this may sound crazy, but the science so far does not seem to match up with the reality of actually being conscious and experiencing a varied life.

Science says we are robots. And yes we are. But is that all we are?
I’m a very silly robot if that’s all I am.
And I can be outsmarted by a handheld calculator even though I have a massive brain.
Science tells us to make a conscious computer is probably impossible at the moment.
Let’s think about Artificial Intelligence.. We can already make a chatterbot that with text can pretend it is human. But that is definitely a robot because it is born with all its knowledge of how to answer and how to speak already built in. Its willpower is only a need to automatically answer questions.
We are born with many many robots inside us. Each cell in our bodies is like a robot. They come from many many years of trial and error at existing (evolution).
It’s probably why a schizophrenic hears voices, and why we dream. Because there is much intelligence in a network of human braincells. So why is there only normally 1 of us inside our heads.
Why is there 1 mind’s eye, 1 witness, 1 I?
Why doesn’t some other part of you live your life. Why don’t your alter egos live the life, and dream the dreams?
What if a brain needed something else to function and continue the species?
Some central willpower to keep it going.
A dead brain is a dead brain. A live brain has a center. A consciousness. Would a load of robots really survive if left on planet Earth to endure its suffering and dance its dances for no particular reason?
What if we need a soul just to be alive and think properly?

In the vastness of the universe and all possible dimensions if that was required for the human species to function, then at some point in the vastness of everything that would probably exist.

And if it is happening here it would make us a sort of symbiotic parasite that fastens to a life form and gives it direction and drive in return for continuing the species.
If that is the case, where is the line drawn where it isn’t needed any more?
Would a plant require willpower, or an insect?
Insects sure seem to be thinking something.
They may even feel emotion for all we know.
They seem to understand pain and fear.
They have a drive to live.
Where do the robots part with something that feels real?
Feels real to the thing that is alive??

If any of us are wanting to have souls, even by force of technology we have to create souls just to have one. Well, it’s evident that there’s a line to cross where something would not have a soul and be pure robot, and that might not include insects. Which would make each insect our equals.

And every animal alive D:.
We feel so special and better because we are human, though we’re about as huge as an ant in the great scheme of things. A tiny tiny ant.
And we live these lives where we don’t notice this super thick stew of life all around us and within us. We’re only a bunch of electrons and atoms bouncing around anyway, what is to say one of them isn’t a soul?
A willpower and a witness.

I don’t feel like a robot and that might be why.

Nick.Eliot 08/14/2013