Where have the Leaders Gone?

The world nowadays is a culmination tribes of assholes. Also of note is the world is full of bacteria, insects, flowers and trees, animals who don’t talk or think in words and are therefore still wild. Yet over the top of it we have these human assholes who are supposed to be running the place properly yet all they do is pain-share with a touch of love. My question is where are the pack leaders who lead us to greatness beyond the slaughter, rape and theft of each other? Our current way of life is psychologically damaging to all of us making us into people who act in ways we do not wish to.

We as homosapiens are a culmination of more cells of bacteria than we have of our own D.N.A.’s cell numbers, we even have fungi living inside us. What effect all these trillions of bacteria inside us is having is a mystery. They are of different species. They cause pustules of zits/spots/ACNE when they wish to eat us. Yet who are the ones who live symbiotically with us? What do they eat if not our flesh? They could be eating our food, they could even be sentient and trying to control us. Our diets are omniverous now, we will eat anything. So which treat of our mass of body fluids do they sup on?

Also where have our good pack leaders gone? Humanity is comprised of many a type of person. Some natural born plumbers, some miners, some artists yet we cannot find a good pack leader lately to save our souls. People are put into management positions they do not like. Some are put into management positions where they become a menace to their employees. There are simply no good bosses left.

My theory why is simple; the lost management stars are the mentally ill and are all having their positive brain chemicals feasted upon by nests of bacteria within their guts. Leaving them insane, completely useless at leading trends as they should be doing and completely terrified of the world the plumbers created in their abscense.

I recently (after years of major gastric issues) experimented with a rudementary cure for my own Schizo-Affective Disorder by eating thirty trillion gut healthy bacteria a day and thirty trillion brain chemical booster bacteria for four months to force all other bacteria out. This left me feeling fantastic with my healthy guts yet completely delusional/insane from the brain boosters.

I will try again however with only a range of gut healthy Bifidobacterium strains and have staff monitor my G.A.B.A. brain chemical levels if possible. As it would have it G.A.B.A. the calming brain chemical for Bi-Polar I was prescribed with at the time and refusing to take out of ignorance of its worth was the exact one I was hoping to gain from the Bacteria pills I was consuming. However of note the anti-psychotic I was taking was administered during this time correctly so I should not have become delusional. Hopefully the strains of microbacteria I chose to inhabit my guts this time will only be symbiotic with my eating habits and just make me poo regularly. Whatever other brain chemicals I have a lack or excess of will merely readjust themselves naturally.

And theoretically if it works I can become normal, and I mean the real definition of normal, not just a soul desperate to survive and save others from my fate as I avoid idiots and people terrified of me despite me being nice. The theory of the leaders being the schizophrenics is that we are caring people who if not struck down by illness could lead people in the right directions and we suffer the mental illnesses to a greater degree because our supplies of brain chemicals are higher as nature has made us with minds built for such endevours. We basically get more ill because we are full of mental power that needs to be laid down to touch the ground in a safe way.

Eric W Dawson 20th May 2018


The Theory of the Proportionally Expanding Universe

They say the struggle of life is from bacteria to plankton to fish to whale to human…

Now there are plenty of humans what are we supposed to do with ourselves?

If you picture the universe as a computer CPU chip, with all the programs running on the chip being people or fish surviving eternally with soul energy. God being the largest program of soul energy upon the chip.

Then I see that God has two major roles. The first to split their soul up into smaller beings who will live also eternally with the indestructable soul energy upon the CPU. This split would be to fact find what a felt sense is; to see and feel and know what it is it be a plankton and feel the ebb and flow of the tides. All the way up to becoming human as God would want to know more.

God would wish to expand and evolve the bodies the souls reside in in their fact finding missions so that they would learn more and feel more. Mistakes have been made along the way with one species feeding too avarously upon another so that great learnings have been lost.

Now we have the digital age where we basically know all we need to to survive forever if we combined our knowledge but who wants to live forever? If you were not with your True Love would you wish 10,000 heartbreaks?

Soon we will break the borders of God’s fact finding and become immmortal yet who should rule the most beautiful of planets then? My suspicion is there are two sides to God, the side who tests our fact finding and skills and the side who tests how we react to living hell upon Earth.

The theory goes that if you release a load of self learning code split from your inner core then some will be faulty. Bad code is just bad code and needs too be sent from human to plankton. Good code is good code and needs too be filled with the former’s extra soul energy to remain forever in power for an eternity worth living for all.

In this way we would proportionally grow greater over time as the plankton tried to figure out how to be better plankton. If all wish for a greater future then it will not be one of turmoil for all souls will be in wizened alignment.

Eric William Dawson 12th May 2018

Schizo-Affective Disorder

Schizo-Affective Disorder is defined as the culmination of one Bi-Polar (Manic Depressive) and one Schizophrenic in the same person. I am diagnosed with this disorder of the brain. After being correctly diagnosed as a Schizophrenic for many years I was surprised for my diagnoses to be upped to a Schizo-Affective.

I have just spent five days in seclusion for an excess of English humor brought on over days or wry patient on staff trolling. I made a Youtube live podcast whilst avoiding all confidential materials then got locked on the male side of the co-ed ward. I was so full of beans (happy) that the podcast came out well I tricked my way through the door to the co-ed part, fell on the floor; asked the staffer named Paul if this were he gates of heaven keeper… named another beautiful staffer Jah, then it turned out her name was Jabeen. Got the giggles then wriggled like a worm on the floor towards the tv room where I had to pull about eight staff with me.
Then they got the heavies out, I threw a hifi at the one I didn’t like the most. Fortunately it didn’t hit the twat. And all this lead me to being dragged by 25 guys to a rubber room where the meds and gas put me to sleep for days.

So, how to cure such a malady? In heindsight I became too hyper over several days of ward fun. Though when you think about it 99.9% of British comediens would be certifiably insane, in-particular the Monty Python cast in ‘It’s now time for something completely different’.
So when is too much too much? When the person becomes out of control. A safe cure would be a mild valium or weed strain designed for the purpose for the miserable or a mild depressant for the wild.

This I suspect to be the cause of a highly depressed as life is not how they want it to be for all, genius mind overloading themselves with stimulants, namely coffee, up to great heights until the mental/soul energy is depleted and a crash happens.

Just my hypothesis. Eric W Dawson 1st May 2018

The Solution to the Incoming Over-Population Crisis

“The total land surface area of Earth is about 57,308,738 square miles, of which about 33% is desert and about 24% is mountainous. Subtracting this uninhabitable 57% (32,665,981 mi2) from the total land area leaves 24,642,757 square miles or 15.77 billion acres of habitable land.”

The Earth’s homosapien population has doubled in the past forty years so that currently there is only two acres of land for each person. To use that land would require us to destroy the rest of our nature and put houses on it. Theoretically the number of homosapiens should increase exponentially; there are many souls coming to Earth to live in bodies with feelings and hearts which take a lot to sustain.

The rich will want to cull your children or sterilize them or only allow the ones they think should be given life to be born. A sick unhealthy future for us. This is inevitable according to the rich.

Our current system of survival is you have to earn to survive or else you should be poor and die off because you can’t afford life. In the future most of the population of homosapiens will be very poor as there will be no work for them to do even if they want to work. Machines take the load of many, that is how they are designed. All the homes are built already, there really wont be much work for your children to do.

Already the rich are trying to starve others out by taking away welfare money and medicine., we’re doomed to a nazi future before we even have the chance to colonize other worlds.

But don’t worry, it’s not that bad. The only issue we have is the rich are stupid and short thinking. There is an easy solution to their wretched hatred of humanity being present. Simply put, we build and build smarter not stupider.

We are on the dawn of nanotechnology where we will be able to create anything we want; almost like magic. To help this along we actually need a huge population. There is strength in numbers. For us to be strong we need the financial system to work which requires there to be public works which employ builders and all of those who support them with food and medicine, love, a life worth living. Having something to work on is positive for all.

The simple solution to allow us to not end up like baby hating nazis is to build on the places nobody builds. There is loads of room for everyone Earth and their offspring. Although obviously most of it is sea or desert. Space we don’t care about currently. We think to live there is impossible; however it’s merely just a challenge and we are pretty capable of making a home there.

In desert land you could simply build underground where it is cooler and use the power of the sun via shaded skylight windows to feed crops and gain masses of electrical energy. Then all you will require is water and soil. There’s lots of soil around already that nobody needs and the oceans are literally flooded with water.

All you would need to do is purify the seawater and create a closed system of water recycling as there is already on spaceship technology currently. Since a desert city would be underneath the surface that would be efficient to accomplish.

But why stop there? People would end up having to live lower and lower into the Earth and the poor would never see the sunshine. So build on the oceans. An oil rig survives fine on stilts. A lot of the ocean is within reach of stilts that we can manufacture in shallower water. Many stilts would make it strong and not at risk from the tides. Water recycling may be simpler as you are above a direct source of water. We would just need to be able to purify it which we know how to do already with condensation and a sheet of plastic.

Simple as that we have a future worth giving life for.

Eric Dawson 30th December 2017


They say that ‘God moves in mysterious ways’. Meaning that life is controlled and has to be this way for a reason, God’s reason, the Meaning of Life. Theoretically all of us are the same age as God . All matter and energy is eternal because it cannot be created or destroyed only change forms.

So we were always here together, all sentience, all of life, all of matter. The only time has always been this instant. If our brain chemicals travelled slower time would seem faster because our clocks move at a certain rate due to where we are and how we are moving. The experience of time with a past present and future is like an illusion. It is just how we comprehend it.

We have free will here and our decisions change the course of our fates together. Yet when we share the same universe every single thing we do affects each other greatly. We are composed of this universe be it metals, proteins, energy. We are all the same in this way or rather share the same bond.

But look how desperate survival of life is, we kill each other every day and have done for eternity because life isn’t finished yet. It’s more of a desperate battle of a scientific experiment to survive at the moment. Though don’t worry, it is not as bad as it seems.

You can’t get something out of nothing. Somehow we gained minds and a universe to live in. That somehow was much life and death beforehand from bacteria to human and we are still here, in the now, in the eternal. Currently I have a human body that is not to say that was the beginning of my energy’s experiences.

Stuck in time, together we change the string of events but given the same stimulus we will always make the same decisions. So even though we have free will we are creating fate. Because we always make the same fate then everything is already decided.

The life we are witnessing and being a part of is the unfolding of that. It doesn’t feel very good a lot of the time because everyone here is faulty. Our bodies require death, of our food and us. It is competition which we need to go through and through these chain of lives the universe gains entities, it gains us, individual conscience entities. We are points of reference with personalities inside a soup of energy and matter.

So if everything has been fated, then the future has already happened and will always be that way. Which means the universe is like a fractal image. It is infinitely complex and goes on forever. If you put an infinite number into a very long calculator and read it to the end; that is how life is. We are reading something to the end but we know it is eternal.

This does give us free will still to make this fractal or number however we want yet it will always be the same result. The sentience we gained from living in this loop of life gives us independent will power. Our energy actually experiences life when mixed with the matter of our flesh. In death that energy that has experienced will be fated to want to experience again.

Together the circle of life is creating bodies that we actually want. To perfect the technology of flesh and metal machines. Bodies where we don’t have to die or kill. Bodies we want in the shapes we want designed for the heaven we want after having to live for eternity as a gnat or a lizard. It’s got to be worth it for us and we want everything we need to be happy together.

Which is a lot apparently, we need to sustain ourselves without killing everyone else, be it chicken or human. We want to remove envy from our lives. We need a childhood that makes us who we wish to become when we make the technology advances to live forever.

We wish to make heaven here and it has been hard work. We are all the same age in our souls, all life here must be. If we die we lose our bodies and wouldn’t be able to think or feel. We would become one with the rest of the universe and be one with the awe of infinity until we were drawn again into a life that we want to live.

Why do we want to live it? Because we can see that it’s going to work out fine in the end. Heaven cannot be what we experience when we die. It’s here we want to put the heaven because life could be so wonderful for everything. So that when we die we can see the eternal fractal future as a blissful one hard earned by all. Washed clean of the suffering and be an eternity worth living in forever as someone we want to be forever. With others we want to be with forever.

One where we don’t have to suffer to survive and will live forever. It is the Meaning of Life, it is our purpose and the purpose of the universe. The universe is God, all the matter and energy and us too. We are all the same stuff though independently we’re heading towards a future where we can live inside time comfortably and with good health without dire threat of being torn apart by each other. Why else would energy be so desperate to live? Because it knows life is worth it.

Life is not what it seems and your soul is destined for what we all want, it makes life worth it and we gain identities and free will as we all work together set to succeed one day no matter if we fail in this life. It was fated that we were going to fail yet we still have free will and are eternal beings so eventually we will get what we need if we keep working together until there is no need for envy for all of us are ok. Eventually all of us are going to be ok together it is our destiny and our combined will.

Eric Dawson 26th November 2017

The Root of all Evil

I’ve written in the past about how people getting rich destroys much because of the way it bends people’s minds until they end up worshipping the rich person with servitude. A very unhealthy setup as it is not often down to a person’s good points that they become wealthy. Overall, a really weird system that often brings the quality of life here down for most whilst a few reap the rewards.

The monetary system brings out our survival instincts. As highly evolved beings of nature we are as nature acts because we exploit anything we can. It is who we are. The reason Russia did not live in a utopia during communism might be that we can bribe a person with threats and power or with a hundred sheep; just as easily as with money tokens.

Money used to be real. It used to merely be a bartering tool with the coins made out of precious metals. Nowadays we use the precious metals and have replaced them with tokens basically. Tokens of want. As pieces of paper, scrap metal or digits on a screen they are an imaginary means of bartering.

We can use them to barter and be accepted for all available wants and needs. It’s completely dehumanizing ourselves from what we physically do for each other. To a person who doesn’t know anything about money, for example. If they watched your home they would see people sending/giving you electricity, gasses, water, technology, beds, clothing. Many finished works by the hands of many other people.

It can be a really comfortable system for some. Yet the system has no safety for us as a species. To have the current system then if you can’t work or can’t find work then the species and their system is designed to take away that technology and shut down those gasses and water. Presumably to let that useless person die off. But it’s all because of money so we don’t have to think about it.

At the moment there appears to be no government incentive to take care of such people when those very same bankrupt people may have voted in that government. Having such a safety net would take away a lot of destroyed lives and desperation For example less people would probably be forced to sell their body for sex. It would become a more wholesome world, a system we really need.

Having the choice to not work is the entire idea behind technology. Our governments don’t appear to understand that a machine bears the load of many. Sure there is still work to be done to operate the machine. Though there are always going to be less jobs. Yet the capitalist economy is set up so if you don’t have a job you have to go live on the streets and have no buying power. The owner of the machine gets all the buying power which lead to our system with one percent owning the collected tokens of want of all the other ninety-nine percent, a top-heavy system where the majority have no say.

The only solution to our predicament is better government to control the way the financial system affects their constituents. Yet how can we have honest government officials when nobody can be trusted not to become a sell-out or not to succumb to coercion? Currently politics around the world is all about what corruption the officials can achieve and not lose their personal wealth or standing. Which is very easy to do as the votes of a few bribed politicians is all it takes to change laws and society for the worst.

If we’re determined to keep democracy and money then the only way to keep a realistic sensible government would be to take the influence of our top heavy capitalist system away from those who make decisions regarding the lives of people. The only way to do that is to make all the politicians un-bribable, the only way to do that is to take the ability to bribe them away.

At the moment if you bribe a politician with campaign funding or whatever you wish to call it then they can be shown to the person paying the bribe to have fulfilled their contract when they vote in parliament or the senate. If the votes on issues of all elected members of government were by secret ballot and all issues had to be voted yes or no by all elected members in government. Then the people wishing to financially exert influence and distort the proper systems of government will no longer know who to bribe. Even if they did bribe many of them the politicians would still be able to vote privately against the decision.

Apparently there are so many acts of government that it is impossible for politicians to read them all before voting upon them. This is obviously designed to increase bribes because it makes it so easy for the bribe to place malevolent law against the greater good of the government’s people. To have a less corrupt system they will obviously need to slow the list of new acts down because it’s incompetent to vote for things you don’t understand.

Which as an economist would tell you is the entire reason we have a government. Because the average person if given the vote are not trusted to do anything but vote for a better decision maker for them. You simply cannot blindly vote in new law when you don’t have a clue of the consequences. They are being paid to make informed decisions yet currently they don’t care to. If someone in a different line of work were so negligent or found to have been bribed or coerced they would lose their job as they are not doing what they are paid to do and end up homeless.

If government were to work in this way then we wouldn’t have to make severe changes to the capitalist system. Everyone would still be free to be workaholic money making addicts yet they would have to do that within a country where the government is hard to corrupt. You would have to bribe or threaten all the officials of every party present in order to sway the vote which could not be guaranteed due to the freedom of the secret ballot.

It appears to be the best way forward.

Eric Dawson 18th October 2017